Who is God for the First Nations People

Who is the God of the First Nations Peoples?

The indigenous people of the World have been short-changed, being sold wrong teaching down the ages. This book shares Jesus’ Jewish Roots to highlight that his colour and culture have much more in common with First Nations and other original people groups than their European evangelists.

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A great resource for sharing the Gospel, or for discovering more about the Jesus of the Middle East, Who is God for the First Nations People aims to dispel confusion and prejudice, paving the way for a rich encounter with the Messiah, Saviour of the World.

Who is the God of the First Nations and Indigenous Peoples of the World?

Is Jesus the same for everyone? Is he only for the white Europeans? In fact, Jesus is not white and his actual name is Yeshua. The Creator of the Universe fathered him and the Holy Spirit lives within all who have faith in one Creator, one Son and one Holy Spirit.

FOR CENTURIES many First Nations and indigenous people have lived in poverty and despair while the Governments of nations betrayed and sidelined them at every turn.

Now is the time for a full blessing for these heroic and inspiring people. Now is the time for them to discover much more of who their Creator God is, what is the fullness of His love for them, and what is His power to heal and to save. The Creator is not white, and He is not for the white man only, but He is for every man who will choose to believe.

God has a chosen people who originated from the Middle East, who have carried a message for all mankind for centuries about the awesome glory and power of God. God sent his son Yeshua, who lived as a role model for all of humanity. God offers His Holy Spirit to any who choose to believe and follow Him.

Discover the Creator, His son and His spirit in a new and powerful way.

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This excellent book is of the calibre I expected having read the author’s previous works ‘Free to Be’, ‘Confronting the Darkness’ and ‘Building Community….’

The subject matter is very close to my heart; since I was a boy I was burdened by the injustices suffered by the Native American and Aboriginal People. Their validity was always something I always felt very strong about and I wished for them to experience the love of Jesus. Indeed this has happened for many of these dear people and Ms. Tun’s book brings us step by step through God’s plan for each and every one of us with a particular concern that the indigenous people she has worked with as a missionary, and clearly loves very much, should be embraced and welcomed with a special place in the Christian community. I couldn’t agree more with this wonderful vision and hunger for God’s word to be shared with these lovely and very special people.

Mr D Bradley

First – it so easy to read. Clear paragraph headings means you can keep going back to each section. I thought I “knew it all” – well most of it! However Sarah opens up a single statement into something you can hold in your heart and mind. That is how I read it – piece by piece and it stays with me yet. A veritable strengethener for your faith.

Rev Myra Millstone

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Author’s Bio Sarah Tun

Sarah was a Secondary School teacher (where she was first introduced to Native Canadian culture and First Nations teenagers) and performing artist (in the UK) before turning to full-time writing. She has a diploma in Theology, degrees in Drama and Education, and life experience from which she draws her counsel. Having been a follower of Jesus for over thirty years, she writes with warmth, candour and simplicity, making her insights accessible to all. Sarah writes children’s fiction and drama as well as to encourage personal growth. A Canadian, Sarah lived abroad (mostly in the UK) for twenty years, before  returning to her native Ontario to publish Free to Be. It was then, over a period of three years, that she met and worked with the First Nations people in Northern Ontario and learned much about their culture.

After three years living in Spain, she recently settled back in the UK, with her husband and son. Maybe this will be permanent!