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Life is in the Blood – fourth phase of Covid: Aftermath p2 Where Angels Tread

Six months have passed since Alan went to be with his Lord and Saviour, Yeshua Jesus.

Six months have passed since Alan went to be with his Lord and Saviour, Yeshua Jesus. Through this time, the road I have travelled has been amazing… horrible because I’ve lost my life companion and best friend, my son and step daughter have lost their dad far too soon, and a wonderful Bible teacher has shared his last message on earth. BUT GOD…. In His majesty, wonder, and grace, has given all of us His comfort, encouragement; our brothers and sisters in faith have ensured we were built up through prayer cover. I would not wish this journey on anyone, but this experience has demonstrated how GOD can be so close, how life can be full of joy in spite of sorrow, and how there are always surprises which are life-giving and rich.

I’d like to round off this series Life is in the Blood over the next couple of weeks, because moving forward means dealing with the past and engaging with the future. That, I hope, is what I’ve conveyed in this series.

The Angelic in this Story

There has been increasing discussion about angels recently, in Christian circles. In the past believers were discouraged from engaging with angels because they may be “angels of light” — such as Mohammed encountered and from whom he was swayed from Yehovah GOD.

But these days, we are learning more about the blessing angels offer as we allow them to be a part of our walk with the LORD.

In my time battling for Alan during his illness, I believe I encountered angels. 

An angel to clear Alan’s lungs

It began with a close friend H, who now lives on the other side of the world, telling me she’d sent her guardian angel to watch over Alan. I was dubious (though this is a godly woman whom I love and cherish). But within days another bold man of GOD J said the LORD had told him He was sending an angel to clear Alan’s lungs.

Whoa! I thought… this IS GOD and I wrote to ask my friend H more about her understanding of angels.

I prayed for Alan and began to research about angels. One night soon after, I saw in the Spirit an angel standing next to the kidney machine beside Alan’s bed. The angel was immovable. He was not vast, nor small, just an immovable, not-to-be-distracted entity who stood guard. 

The next day the doctors said they had managed to clear one of Alan’s lungs by drawing 2L of fluid away. The other lung had less fluid but was trickier to access so they left it alone. In any case, Alan’s breathing almost immediately began to improve and this was a major step in his being able to be taken off the ventilator.

An angel to comfort me

I continued with research into angels during that time. Since my conversations with H and J, I discovered there has been a great deal of anti-angel information circulating which originated at the end of the 19th century and which we seem to hold on to. So, with guardedness, I allowed myself to consider the idea of angels in our present situation.

My appointed angel?

I experienced the presence of several which I found a comfort; but there was one in particular, whom I don’t sense now but did during the worst (coma) and best (return to consciousness) of Alan’s situation, and then after his death as well.

All I can say is that there was a comforting presence in my room on different occasions as I prayed. She did not interfere, she did not speak. She comforted. I did not have conversations with her, I did not exchange the presence of the Holy Spirit for her. She was simply another source of comfort. And sometimes I released her — and other angels to watch over Alan, simply by asking them to do so.

Where Angels tread

I am being deliberately vague in this post. If I were to write a book about the whole situation, I would write more. But I don’t want to push or cause anyone to strain or stumble. What I will say, with assurance and confidence, is that even the conservative Evangelist Billy Graham wrote a book about angels, that they are a support, comfort, and source of help, that we in the Evangelical and Charismatic “born again” branch of our faith in Jesus have largely ignored.

They are a source of help. We need to dig deeper. We must tread carefully, definitely, so we don’t substitute the glory of angels for the glory of GOD. But I do strongly suspect that we are missing something we truly may need as we continue through these Last Days.

Every blessing….


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