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A watchman seeks intimacy with GOD. A watchman discerns the times and seasons. A watchman warns others. Nehemiah and Ezekiel were two of GOD’s key watchmen.

I am a Watchman. Up until now, I have been seeking the LORD for discernment regarding current events and how they connect to the Word of GOD and the timing of Jesus’ return. 

Now, as the part of the Bride who is preparing, I’m here to highlight pieces of scripture that tell GOD’S STORY, from His perspective, that we would better understand, better prepare, better grow and most important of all, better love Him.

GOD is LOVE. He offers hope and truth. This blog includes GOD’S STORY — a stream to share from His Word what is on His heart which He shares with me: based upon His Biblical scriptural text and what He reveals to me, I comment on this Word.

Preparing the Bride… the bulk of previous posts have focused on preparing us:

Jesus/Yeshua is the Groom. All we who follow him make up The Bride. It is a profound image given to us. It is perhaps harder for men to relate to it than for women. For women, it is easy to consider Esther as she spent a year pampering, preparing herself — her body, but also her mind and spirit — to meet the king, when she would be considered amongst many to be his new bride. How can men prepare as “the bride”? Perhaps it is more for them a way of preparing for battle: putting on armour, developing military strategy, preparing the mind and body and spirit for the battle ahead. For it is so true that we are all brides and soldiers for him who died to save us. Perhaps then, men can more relate to Jesus’ return as a general arriving to lead the troops in battle. What all of us can relate to is that we will have a celebration when he returns, as we all Hail Jesus and give glory to Yehovah GOD who reigns in the universe, who is full of grace, mercy, justice and truth.

And so I ask you the reader, to filter everything you read, past and future, as through the spectacles of Jesus’ return and GOD’s revealing of His heart to us. We are His and He is ours. Let us “work out [our] own salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12) as we draw closer to GOD through His Word, by His Spirit. We are his bride. Come Lord Jesus.

Hallelujah and Amen.

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Great- I have found you Sarah. Thank you for mentioning the name of your blog on Rev TV today. I have wanted to follow you for some time, every time I hear you. You have such wisdom. Praise the Lord for your life and your faithfulness.
I was so sorry for your loss, I did meet Alan twice in the studio in Spain.

Welcome, Ursula,

So pleased you’ve found me:)

Welcome to the blog.

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