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War: Know your Calling – we’re no longer on the brink of war

But what is important is to ensure we each: i. are aware of what is going on internationally, and yet ii. stay focused on our particular purpose. 

Know your role

Last night President Vladimir Putin of Russia went into Ukraine — a sovereign territory. There is much out there on mainstream news and alternatives. Some is hype, some is true; all have a certain angle view. No one perspective has all the information (that’s why there are 4 Gospels for example, and not 1). But what is important is to ensure we each: i. are aware of what is going on internationally, and yet ii. stay focused on our particular purpose. 

In my case, I am to make folks aware of Jesus and His call upon each of our lives. I am to help to prepare His bride. I am aware of the lead-up and details of war, because I am interested (I am made that way) and because I need to know in order to prepare others. I am also aware there are claims to conspiracies in the West so Putin is not the only bad guy. But conspiracy is not my fight. 

You need to know what is your fight and undertake it. That is where your authority in prayer will be, that is where your anointing in action will be.

Know your role and stick to it! That’s my message.

The International situation: No longer on the brink of War

War is here… or at least it is there, in the Ukraine. And on the doorstep of Europe. War is manifesting, all because the West rejected Russia and Putin into NATO when it had the chance of keeping close the incompatible brother, the “odd one out”. Isn’t that why Germany went to war against Europe in 1914? One cousin, the Kaiser, felt out of favour with the others: the King of England and the Tsar of Russia. All were cousins, but Edward and Nicholas were kissing cousins, whilst William was the one who was mocked. And what a price we paid for that!

Now, Putin is attacking because NATO nations are on the increase in Eastern Europe, and he’s fed up with being ignored.

But how different things might have been had his request to join NATO after 1990 been accepted. But no, President Bill Clinton didn’t want another big player in NATO. So instead of at least keeping a perceived enemy close, the historic “enemy” was shunned. And now, we pay.

We pay in the threat and manifestation of War. We pay because Western Europe is dependent on Russian fuel. We pay because our warmth and heat may take precedence now where our convenience took precedence in 1991. 

As war looms on the horizon in Europe, Russia is allied with China economically and with Iran and its proxy connection, Syria. Iran has its chosen allies, all who have terrorist factions, all who hate Israel. And China has, well, a lot! Wealth, economy, numbers of men — a generation without wives in fact, because of the 1 child policy over years and the cultural preference for boys and the godless abortion culture. 

Conclusion and Prayer for today

So, we are at war… President Putin of Russia has invaded the sovereign nation of the Ukraine. The West can no longer try to evade war. Diplomacy and sanctions have failed. Now we hold our breath (amidst our prayers), and wait for what is next. 

“Rivers of tears run down from my eyes because men do not keep your law.” (Psalm 119: 136)

Father, comfort, guide, teach our people, our leaders, and forgive us our stupidity, greed, short-sightedness, arrogance and ignorance. Have mercy particularly on the innocent and deliver us from evil. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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