Reflections and Poetry

Umbrella of Hope

Does anyone know You?

Does anyone know 

the depth of your power

the strength of your love

the force of your will?

All have fallen short

from grace we descend

to mercy and love

pleading forgiveness.

Does anyone know

the height of your cover

the breadth of your presence

the umbrella of hope?

Forever we yearn

forever we strive

forever we bend —

refusing to break.

Does anyone know

the truth of your Word

the language of trust

the heart of you?

Does anyone know

who You really are?

4 replies on “Umbrella of Hope”

Thanks Sarah for sharing such a lovely abd thought provoking poem…
Yes we need to be a diligent student of God’s word and to learn to
rest in God’s amazing love , faithfulness , grace n mercy .A reminder to know Him more intimately . Bless you

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