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Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow….
(Macbeth, William Shakespeare)

As we consider the theme of TOMORROW, I invite you to have a listen to a post I created a few weeks ago…

Watch this on Facebook: Tomorrow

And pray that we can measure out our time, submit our plans to the LORD and trust He will give us the desire of our hearts.

Shalom, Shalom — GOD’s peace on this and every day….

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Praise the LORD for His timing and provision. If you look at that link you’ll see it’s attached to a Facebook page called Larus Press. Every week I post a short video on a Monday or Tuesday as part of a Daily Devotions group… previous ones are all in that same online stream. I invite you to look/share as you feel you’d like. Blessings to you, Jacqui.

Thanks very much Sarah.
I believe in fact that Christ COMMANDS us not to worry about tomorrow, when He says “Take no heed about tomorrow, for sufficient to the day is the evil thereof” (but i MAY be misquoting?)
Certainly He says “Pay no attention to what you eat/drink/wear,” but i THINK He’s also saying that if we move too much out of Today’s tasks/assignments-for-God, then we can easily “take our eye off the ball,” so to speak, which COULD allow the enemy-of-our-souls” to ‘get one over us.’
And “Yes” self-control, a ‘Fruit’ of Holy Spirit i believe.
As a “recovering control freak,” i’m SO happy that Holy Spirit will “Lead me into ALL Truth” about THAT besetting sin!

Amen, Bryan. Yes, the biggest key of all you’ve shared for me is, to stick to attention on today so as to complete what’s meant for your today with the LORD. Every blessing as always, Sarah

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