Reflections and Poetry

Today I said goodbye: a poem

an ordinary morning
began early
with business


an ordinary morning

began early 

with business

merging into reflection

time with music

in the background

familiar tunes

of spiritual songs

without words this time

just me

my Bible


and you.



I said goodbye 


softly, still

out loud

and cried

at the thought

of your spirit

present yet far


distance too far

for me to join.



I wish

without fret

that you might have stayed

not ill

not dying

not gone

but here.



I said 


knowing somehow

there is a difference

wishing there wasn’t

accepting you’re gone

regretting your strength

that kept you going

for so long

only to die

in the end


with Jesus

but not with me.



I said


6 replies on “Today I said goodbye: a poem”

Such a simple yet beautiful poem dearest Sarah. Tears for you as I read this, tears for your family, tears for Alan, tears for all of us who have lost those we loved so much. Thank you for sharing it. Continuing to remember you in my prayers. Love & many blessings, Jacqui x

Thank you for your love, prayers and yes, it is my hope that a poem or note I might write could inspire others to search Jesus and find healing, by GOD’s grace.

Beautiful poem – so accepting yet so sad. I so agree with the lovely comments Jacqui made. May the Lord bless you, Sarah, and Jordan and Izzie and family. x – especially on your birthday tomorrow.

Your journey of grief is so beautifully expressed in another poem Sarah. Thank you for your openess and honesty.
May you continue to know the Lord’s comfort, strength, peace, love and care
Many blessings on your Birthday

GOD is so good, and His peace is such a wonderful blessing. I praise Him as the strength He has given us in this time is truly remarkable. Every blessing and thank you for your prayers.

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