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The Uprooting Process

Never ever forget this — that the light is greater than the darkness.


The Uprooting Process 

This whole process is about listening to Me, hearing Me, and obeying Me.  The financial resources to come will mean something for a time, but a time is coming afterwards where these resources won’t mean a thing.  The only thing left will be My voice and My direction for those who are trained.  Remember what system is being uprooted.  Is it Mine? Surely not.  I Am the one who does the uprooting.  At that point, you will understand like never before how important it is to hear Me and obey Me, and do not doubt when you hear!  Understand the process that is before you is epic, truly epic.  

And never forget this – never ever forget this – that the light is greater than the darkness.  Ask Me what this means – ask for revelation here – ask for understanding about this topic to a level, you have never asked it before, and I will surely give it to you.  These are the times.

First, the system is exposed in not only the world but in us, because it has gotten on us and into us. 

Secondly, then the uprooting begins in us, which runs in parallel with the uprooting He is doing corporately. This is why things begin to appeal to us that have never appealed to us before, and why things that used to appeal to us so much are suddenly dying to us. As the uprooting is taking place many, if not all, doubt that He is the one uprooting (“Something must be wrong! I must have missed the Lord! This can’t be all of this [fill in the blank] can’t be from him!”). 

Thirdly, after this and the time varies greatly depending on the willingness of the person to work with the Lord, we come to a point in the journey where we stop struggling and fighting Him at every step and come into rest. This too is a process; it doesn’t happen overnight. The alternative path to coming into rest is what happened with the Israelites in the desert after they came out of Egypt. 

Fourthly, we then come to a point of His – very important; not ours but HIS – determination. “At that point, you will understand…” This is a “high point” moment with the Lord of His choosing, when we are ready as determined by Him, when He shows us all of the garbage, he has brought us out of and how much He has grown us up in Him. Not that there won’t be more to grow into! To be a fully possessed vessel of the Lord in which His fullness resides. Think the bride of Christ, the remnant, an overcomer, a huios (mature) son of the Father. This is where He is longing to take those people who will go there with him. 

My words will fall short here but I am going to state something that most Christians would agree with but very few live in the reality of – Jesus is much bigger than anything this life has to offer. It is not even close. In Him is everything that has ever been or will ever be valuable. Apart from Him everything that has ever been or will be is worthless.  

“Tell My children to trust Me, they need to trust Me. All My people struggle in various ways, that’s part of the walk of faith. But I desire they come through that part of the walk where they don’t live in fear but instead, they live in faith. It’s a choice. I am either Lord of everything, or I am Lord of nothing. It’s a choice. 

Provision has been made for them in this hour, and it does not matter what is going on in the world around them. My people live in the world, but they are not of the world. Which of them truly believes this? Will they not be tested in their faith so that they can see if they are in the faith? Did they not endure much for no reason at all? Was I not preparing them? Did they not see my provision in various ways, ways they still have not even fully considered? Remove your unbelief from before Me and let not fear overtake you – My perfect love casts out fear. 

The times are here where those that whisper My name only for the betterment of their lives here on this earth will be exposed. But those that whisper My name such that I may come into them and abide fully in them, they are My secret weapons in this time. They chose to be the chosen vessel that I made them to be. 

Seek the inner life where My spirit resides and come up from the tyranny of the temporary into the high heavenly places they are called and seated in Christ. These moments in time, and this world, are not bigger than them when I am seated in the proper place in their heart. Consider how great My love is for them and rest in that, rest in it FULLY.”

Kevin Huston 11-7-2020

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