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The Finely Dressed Man: a poem

Once upon a time
There was a finely dressed man

Once upon a time

There was a finely dressed man

He lived here and there

to fulfil his mandate

Blessing others

By teaching the Word.


Then one day

He spoke against the Virus

Thought it was overblown

til it blew him away

To heaven he went

Leaving surprise in his wake.


What are we to do?

Now that he is gone

Trust in the LORD

though the man was not restored;

Instead misperception led him

Now with his Maker.


We live one life

Making most of our moments

The finely dressed man

gave love and wisdom away

Where was supply

When he needed it most?


GOD knows, loves

And He forgives

God bears witness

of our love for Him

When all are gone

He remains, embracing.


Once upon a time

Was this finely dressed man

Who loved and was loved

til the end of his time

Now he stands dressed in majesty

Before his LORD.


Clothes don’t make the man

But GOD dresses him

In love, truth, beauty and joy

To wear his heart

Carry his dream

Always heavenward.


Once upon a time

Was the finely dressed man

Too shortly spent 

he came, he went

When heaven sent

Then all lament.


It is done, it is done

Life is finished 

All too soon….

Yet the finely dressed man

Amongst the Cloud of Witnesses



Robed in the company 

Of angels.

9 replies on “The Finely Dressed Man: a poem”

‘He spoke against the virus thought it was overblown’ Did he question the reality of CV19, Sarah?

Hi Jane, He and I both accepted the reality of the virus but didn’t recognise the extent of the reach it had. Rather, it seemed to him too many were being given the cause of death as Covid too readily.

Hello Jane,
Alan and I never doubted the existence of the virus. We both were of the view that its prevalence in the death toll was overstated. Of course we’ve both learned the severity is far more of a concern than we realised. Sadly, we learned the hard way.

A beautiful poem about a God fearing and God loving man who loves people.
We thank and praise God Sarah for your creative writing and poetic skills and gifts Keep using and developing them to encourage and challenge others, and for His glory


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