The Faithful Prince

coverThe Faithful Prince

The Faithful Prince is a picture storybook for young children.

A confident and enthusiastic little prince loves to worship God every day. But what happens when he faces distractions?

Worshipping God is fun and fulfilling. Children and parents experience this together through the eyes of a faithful prince.

Preschoolers and young children have the opportunity to meet a faithful prince who loves to celebrate God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit every day. Meet Jordan (or insert your own child’s name) and experience his adventures and challenges as he determines to claim the ground on which he stands to the glory of God.

You can share with your young child the joy of praising God as you share this book. Teach your child about life’s challenges and how to overcome them. Build faith and an understanding of the love of God through the eyes of a faithful prince.

This is a wonderful gift from Grandparents to their children’s families.

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Price: £11.00 Print version & E-book: 2.99 

This full colour illustrated Print book or E-Book is recommended for children ages: 2 – 6 (36 pages)


Allie MacPhail RMFT (registered marriage and family therapist) and parent.”Facing challenges in this world with the power of an invisible God is a difficult concept for all to hold on to. Just how do we trust something we cannot see? The Faithful Prince is a lovely example of contrast between the wonderings of a little boy and discovery of the secure foundation that can be held onto through faith.”

Laurie Lockerbie, Christian Early Childhood Educator and parent.”A beautifully illustrated book that brings to life the adventures of a Faithful Prince and his journey to a meaningful relationship with God. Children will capture his excitement and adventure while being able to relate to the feelings and thoughts so well expressed in this book.”

Hayley Hibbert, Teacher of Dramatic Arts and parent.”A delightful tale with adorable graphics, ‘The Faithful Prince’ reveals the Joy of knowing that our Father is always with us. Sarah captures the reality and challenge of our life’s journey in Him with beauty and gentility making this a great read for all children and a springboard into deeper revelation of who we are in the Kingdom.”

Sue Goodwin, Teacher of Deaf Children and parent. “I love the pace of The Faithful Prince. It is very peaceful and gentle but steady and confident. I really liked the text and illustrations; the whole book is a beautiful way of showing the importance of personal faith in the context of family.”

Jeannie Prinsen, writing instructor, blogger, and parent.”This beautifully illustrated storybook will inspire children to discuss spiritual matters with their families and to draw courage and strength from their own personal faith in God.”

Dave, retired teacher and parent.”Peyton (age 4) was grabbed by the pictures and language as the story began. She was excited by the fearful figure (“that looks like Batman”), and intrigued by the red roses and ponies. I enjoyed reading it with her.”

Alex Song, Pastor of Toronto Korean Bethel Evangelical Church and parent.”Enjoyed the story and the explanation and examples to the difficult question of, how can we believe in something that we do not see! Good job. God bless!”

Brandon Choi, age 18.”After having read the story, I thought it was an absolutely amazing children’s book that has a timeless message for any age. The message of being able to recognize God even if we can’t see or feel him is a great lesson for young children and great reminder for teens and adults. As a bonus I thought the illustrations were amazing!”

Candice Laframboise, Early childhood educator and parent.”..It was really good that Jordan overcame his fear through the help of God. As well, I liked how he overcame his temptation with the help of his trusty pony! The illustrations are bright, colourful and easy to view which is good for a young audience.”

Children’s Comments

Lucy, age 7: “Cool; can I read it again?!”

Benji age 10″Cooool! It was good how he didn’t have fear, resisted temptation and cast away all doubt by believing.”

Sample Pages

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Jordan*. He was an adventurous and faithful prince, and each day he would ride up to the summit of his hill and raise his wooden sword, stand, and say, “I claim this ground in the name of God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit.”

2_Blocked_New Amaz EOne day, something happened that had never happened before. As he was riding through the valley and the forest on his way to the hill, he came upon a huge, black Being standing in the path.

Being a polite little lad, he stopped and said, “Excuse me, Sir. You are standing in my pathway. Please step aside so I can get by.”

The huge, black Being roared a huge, horrible roar and said, “Nooooo!”

“Oh,” said Jordan*.

Feel free to substitute your child’s name.

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As a believer and follower of Jesus for over thirty years, Sarah’s first mission is to encourage others to be who God has created them to be. As a parent, teacher and children’s worship leader, her passion is to see children discover Jesus and to express who they are and to become all they are called to be in Christ.


Illustrator’s Bio Nathan Dickey

photo NathanA follower of Christ, Nathan was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario. He has been involved in film-making since the age of nine. Art, Stop Motion film and Film Animation were his passions throughout his youth. He is a graduate of Sheridan College and works at Mercury Filmworks in Ottawa, Canada as a Character Builds Artist. This is his first project as a book illustrator.


2 replies on “The Faithful Prince”

Hello Sarah,

I like your book The Faithful Prince, but there is a problem as some of the text is missing on the pages and sentences are not finished. The bad thoughts from the dark stranger “enemy” was not explained.

I like to write so I took a look out of interest. I also think, when we have bad thoughts it is a good idea to have the little prince talk to his parents about this, then they can pray to ask God to help him in the name of Jesus. Then you teach your readers what to do, even if they do not have someone that they can talk with themselves.

I liked the illustrations, but full across the page would be better with no frame on the drawing, then it looks like it is more a part of the page. The text then is placed over the space that is left in the illustration for that purpose., or above or below. Have a look at some children’s books like the Queen’s Knickers by Nicohlas Allen. You can find this book on kindle. It is a non offensive book for children.

I hope that you do not mind my comments. After you have seen the book mentioned, I smile, perhaps you will decide to draw the illustrations yourself, as they are simple but good and then you can control the look of the pages for yourself.

Please write some more books. I prayed that you will.

With love, ej

Thank you Eve,

For your encouraging words and for enjoying “The Faithful Prince”, thank you. I’m sorry for the copy errors (I noticed 2 when I opened the online version on this website).
Fortunately, nothing is interfered with in terms of the story, just a couple of missing words at the end of 2 pages is what I found.
If it is more than that on your computer, perhaps try to download elsewhere? I’ll try to iron out the issue.
The one good thing is that the copy on the website is my gift/ (Amazon sells pristine copies but I wanted to offer the giveaway.)

I hope you’ll find other encouragements or topics of interest on the blog.

Every blessing and Happy 2023:)

Love, Sarah

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