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The Bumble Bee

The bumble bee is proof of GOD’s creation.

The bumble bee is proof of GOD’s creation. It is proof that by GOD’s design, He created the living creatures we enjoy even today…

“The scientists have ample proof —

Proof no one can deny,

That by accepted theories — well

The bumble bee can’t fly.

With fat and rounded fuselage,

With such small, fragile wings, 

He cannot even leave the ground.

Bees are but crawling things!

Yet though these facts may all be true,

And proved by people wise,

The bumble bee not knowing this,

Just goes ahead and flies!”

(c) Dr Ian Tait

This little ditty came courtesy a friend of mine who’s father wrote it.

I enjoy it and share the idea that something as simple as the bumble bee reveals GOD’s creativity and creation itself.

Every blessing as you use this information, or even this poem, to spark conversation with others about Creation v Evolution.

Every blessing….

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