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Testimony: Why I still believe

Above all, above all the physical miracles I’ve witnessed, I know I am a better human being for following Jesus’ wisdom and Jesus’ walk. I guess you could say, who I am now is a miracle.

Television appearance

Recently, I appeared on Revelation TV to talk about the protection and blessings which have come following the tragic passing of my dear husband, Bible teacher Alan Tun. Though we had prayed for his recovery to full health, and although instead, Alan died, we know that “all things work together for good to those who love GOD, to those who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans:28)

For those who would like to see the programme, see R Mornings (February 24th, 2022), second hour of the programme, here.

Why I still believe

Although I lost my husband to illness even though many, many including myself were praying and believing for his full recovery, I still believe in the wonder and miracle-working GOD and Saviour Jesus. I still believe the Holy Spirit leads and guides those of us who seek Him. I still believe.

Why? There are physical miracles over the years, some of which I’ve been witness to. But there are character miracles too. I experience it in my own life, day after day, where He has altered my responses, renewed my mind to purer, more gracious ways of thinking, and touched my heart. I still believe because of who He is and who He leads me to be.

After some thirty-five years of following Jesus, I have become a kinder, gentler, more patient, and wiser person. Would this have happened as I aged naturally? No. I am sure that without the word and spirit of GOD actively in my life, I would not be the person I am. 

Each of us knows our own hearts. Mine once was full of fear, anxiety, desperation, self-absorption. This is no longer the case. Instead, my heart is aspirating towards grace, peace and love. I achieve it in some measure… all due to the teaching and grace of GOD. 

My surrender originally came out of hope and desperation; then from a passion for truth; now it comes from knowing through experience and commitment that GOD truly knows best. And so, for His love and His grace, I give my all to Him.

There is a story of a man, Horatio Spafford, who lost his children, lost his fortune. Still he wrote that well-sung lyric, “It is well, it is well with my soul.” You can listen to it here

No one avoids tragedy in life. It comes to all. But when we look at our own miracles, we overcome tragedy, knowing that GOD is faithful, GOD is sovereign, and He allows all things for our good. Loss of life, for those who know Jesus, is only loss of physical life as we know it. And for those who remain alive on the earth, we will grow more in GOD’s likeness even through the sadness, as we draw close to Him.


I have personal miracles in my life to give me the ability to trust GOD. I have a son who would not be on earth if it had not been for GOD prompting my husband and I to have a child when we had not planned on it. That young man is a wonderful testament to GOD’s will being done.

I have travelled across much of the world, and have had several adventures, simply because I allowed GOD to lead.

I have a resilience even in loss, even in widowhood, that I know GOD has given me and my son, through the prayers of many brothers and sisters in Christ, some of whom I have never even met personally.

Life is not ease

Walking faithfully with GOD, we are not promised a life of ease. But we are promised peace and hope. GOD has delivered both to me, time and again, in abundance!

When I experience trials, how I endure

The most doubtful moment I ever experienced was following a hurtful occasion in church, some years ago, when I was passed over. I had a gift I knew GOD wanted me to use. There was an appropriate occasion. But I was not given the invitation to use that gift. I was hurt. I sat in church on that day and said, “What is all this about, this Christianity?”

Immediately, an answer spoke to my spirit: Jesus is the son of GOD. Jesus was born of a virgin, Jesus died and rose again, Jesus will return, Jesus is true. 

Jesus is the heart of the Gospel, not we ourselves, not our answered prayers.

Physical proof of GOD

There are many instances when I have prayed or have watched others pray, and have seen physical miracles. I once prayed for a man in the street who needed new spectacles. I prayed that GOD would take away his need for glasses; instantly, He did! Hallelujah!

I’ve seen others pray for people with back issues, and have seen legs grow and people healed.

But above all, above all the physical miracles I’ve witnessed, I know I am a better human being for following Jesus’ wisdom and Jesus’ walk. I guess you could say, who I am now is a miracle.

Be blessed in your walk. Amen.

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Once again Sarah Thank you for your honesty.

Your word is so timely. Am so grateful for it!!

Dear Sarah
Felt so struck by your words I wanted to leave another comment to encourage you.

Your words comforted me and reminded me that God is a God of All comfort.

Today I heard of a friend who doesn’t believe anymore. It broke my heart. Was shocked. About six months ago she visited my home and helped me through a tough time when I had doubts of where God was leading us as a family. Its been a roller coaster ride the last three years ( more like seven years).

Today I needed to hear of Christians in this time who still believe despite their circumstances.

Thank you for writing from your heart your pain and your struggles over the loss of your husband. It takes courage . We know because you have been transparent from the very beginning of the battle Alan faced. Thank you for allowing us to be in the journey with you and allowing us to pray etc

Its only God who has kept you going. Your words are genuine. You have been through the fire. It’s been so tough. You have overcome and written an article which is going to speak to so many. I love the title Why I still believe.

Run a woman’s ministry at church and will read your testimony out. Am sure your words will speak to many.

We mustn’t give up as Corrine Ten Boon says “There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still.” God can change your life, if you will turn to Him with all your heart.”

Thank you for remaining faithful Sarah despite a very tough time. Thank God for your gifting of putting pen to paper and writing words that are meaningful, heartfelt and faith building.

Your words today have helped me. We must keep going. Every day put one foot infront of the other. Stay close to God and his word etc. Am not saying you don’t have days which are hard am sensitive enough to realise you do. Your human. Bless you in those days. God comfort you.

Will pray daily for my friend and her family. Pray God draws them back.

Bless you Sarah daily with all you need.

Sending love and prayers

Hi Jenny,

Thank you so much for your heartfelt and earnest comments.
I never know who reads what I write and to receive your kind encouragement is so appreciated.
I write to encourage others and isn’t it “so GOD” that I would also receive.
Yes, we see others slip away and pray they return. We keep our eyes focused on Jesus and also on the many who. like us, persevere.
Iron sharpens iron and so we help one another.
Bless you, Jenny, in spite of and because of all you the challenges, we are all stronger for one another.
Thank you!
In His love, Sarah

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