Reflections and Poetry

Long Drive into London: a reflection about Worship

I had an errand in London and so today I took the long drive to town. I put on Worship music in the car and on the way, I enjoyed Matt and Noel and the LORD. Completing the errand, I turned and headed home.

The round trip was about 4 hours because of traffic. But the LORD had impressed upon me, and hubby confirmed, I should drive, even though the train would be quicker and less expensive. I reckoned the LORD wanted me to spend time with Him. And that I did.

Here’s what came to me after about 3 hours’ journey:

Witness is not what we need it to be for the hearers.

And Worship is not what we need it to be for the LORD.

At least not my witness, and not my worship.

I realised as I passed an evangelical church or two, that I need a simple message. Very simply, we can worship God, acknowledge Him any way we want to, but if we want to reach Him, we need to do it in a way that will touch Him. Like not all food is palatable to each of us, so too, the LORD will receive some worship and not other. So to the unbeliever, we need to let them know that there is a creator God of the Universe and we can reach out to Him however we choose, but only one way will He receive it, and that is to worship Him in spirit and in truth. The only way to do that is through His son and the Holy Spirit that the son has sent. Simple.

As to Worship, I rolled down the windows of my car as I was playing Noel and Matt on the cd player. I didn’t blast anyone but I didn’t hide it either. It was 19 degrees today, unusually nice for October in England. And there was a lot of stop/start traffic. So some people would have heard a little bit of gospel. I know it was a blessing. As for me, I am convicted that I need to deepen my worship, to allow Him to touch me, affect me, bless me; I tend to run away when it gets deep.

So the trip was fulfilling. Long, fulfilling and easy.

Thank you LORD for touching me today.