Preparing the Bride of Jesus Christ

The Meaning of Christmas

For me: the meaning of Christmas is CHRIST the saviour.

Isaiah 49:6 says it’s too small a thing for GOD to send the Word, Jesus, only for the Jews but for the Gentiles as well. Why did He need to be sent? Because we human beings were slaves to the World and we needed rescuing. 

Satan claimed the earth for his dominion when he successfully deceived Eve, and Adam knowingly accepted her offer of the forbidden fruit to maintain relationship with her. 

All fall short

People, all people, have needed rescuing as a result of Adam’s sin. Adam disobeyed GOD and broke their relationship. The Jews, GOD’s chosen people, were meant to share GOD’s reality to the rest of the world by modelling worship and relationship. They failed and instead needed rescuing like the rest of us.

GOD’s action plan

Christmas then marks the start of GOD’s action plan of sending His Son to be a substitute sacrifice. Something needs to be sacrificed to restore relationship with GOD. That’s part of GOD’s structure, His way of reconnecting us to Himself.

The most important gift in the Christmas Story is the myrrh which represents Jesus’ sacrifice.

It isn’t the baubles, it isn’t the gifts, it isn’t even the newborn baby. It’s the death and resurrection of the man whom the baby will become. And the gift of Myrrh symbolises this rescue gift to us.

For me then, Christmas is about Jesus coming to earth so that we all can be restored to GOD, if we so choose. And Christmas is about the gift of sacrifice that Jesus would become as represented by the myrrh given to Him by the wise men (actually by the time they got to Jesus He was about two years old… but that’s another piece of history with a truncated date that has been woven into the Story for convenience).

Next Monday is Christmas day. I don’t think I’ll be writing… but wish you Every Blessing, whether or however you celebrate the day.