Reflections and Poetry

Reflecting on Prophecy and Expectation of Jesus’ immanent return

September 23rd has come and gone. Jesus has not yet come, as far as I know, and so I wonder for all those who expected him to come on that date, “Now what?”

We cannot know the time but we must watch the signs and see the seasons. (Matthew 24)

But as time ticks by and the year is in its autumn, we look to October and the Feast of Tabernacles. But if something significant doesn’t happen then, “Then what?”

Our faith is not by sight, though we look for signs of Jesus’ return and God’s kingdom coming to earth. I have no doubt in Jesus: He was hanged on a cross, died, was buried and rose again.

But what of the prompting I had to get back to the home country of England by September? And what for the thousands who believed the Rapture or even the End date of 21-23 September 2017?

How do we hang on when signs tell us God is moving, yet He appears not to have changed anything? How do we hang on when contradictions seem to abound?

I remember Jesus. I hang on in all circumstances because I know that Jesus died for me on a cross two thousand years ago and he lives, and intercedes for me in heaven. I know because I know.

All else pales into insignificance.