Examining Biblical Scripture

What is Praise?

Praise is not singing

Praise may include singing, but that is not what it IS. Praise is expressing thanks, adoration and  worship to GOD.

If it were only singing, many would not be very equipped to praise.

If it were only words, many who feel their passion throughout their bodies, would feel limited.

Praise is thanksgiving, expressed in worship to the King. It comes from our hearts and focuses on Him whom we cherish.

When Cain offered a sacrifice, it was not accepted (Genesis 4:5). We aren’t told specifically why. All we can do is offer our hearts in adoration to the LORD Yehovah, King of Kings, Creator of the Universe, and ask Him to accept that act of sincere worship.

Here is an expression of praise I am blessed by

Paul Wilbur “Nobody Like You”

Does this touch GOD’s heart? I don’t know. But it is focused on Him, and on blessing Him, thanking Him, adoring Him, and represents Him as our glorious Master of the Universe.

The by-product of true praise

When we praise, our attention is taken from us, pointed towards the One who is Worthy. In that, we are released from care, worry, or stress, and we receive His Shalom.

“Father GOD, may my praise be acceptable in Your Sight. Amen.”