Preparing the Bride of Jesus Christ

How do I ask for GOD’s help?

How do I ask for GOD’s help?

Ps 119:77 reads, 

“Let Your tender mercies come to me, that I may live;

For Your law is my delight.”

When you need companionship, spiritual support or emotional help, here’s a prayer that makes a lot of sense. One simple phrase and GOD puts it all together for us. Using GOD’s Word to pray is so simple, so profound, so effective:

I ask you to allow your mercy to come to my mind and my heart, because that is what will bring life to me. Your law is all I need — your law of love, your law of the universe, your law of relationship to You and to others.

If all I dwell upon is You: Your forgiveness, Your grace, Your mercy which I do not deserve, I will be revived regardless of the mental or physical state that I am in. I absolutely love, get, accept, benefit from and am blessed by Your Law! It isn’t law of rules but law of love, packaged in grace, mercy and truth; it is simply the way GOD has made things to work in the universe.

That’s my paraphrase. Funny how my restate is far more wordy than the original. But I just want to be sure I cover all the bases with you… That you catch what I’m throwing: GOD’s word in this verse of this Psalm tells me that my life springs from His mercy, His truth, His love, His grace and through His Law — His way of making the universe work both for animate and inanimate objects — is delightful, life-giving and just generally all round wonderful.

Meditate on His word. If you don’t catch it, try refocusing on my explanation. I pray you catch what I caught when I read this verse this week.

Every blessing to you:)