Reflections and Poetry

Watchman writing: spirit vs flesh

As a Watchman

I have been digging deeply in prayer, as to purpose and product of the messages I send.

I have always been diligent to seek the LORD about the messages He has for me to deliver. However, I have come to realise that often a message has been blurred by my own flesh. I have sought to deliver that which the LORD has laid on my heart, and to do so sincerely; my main aim has been to enable people to see clearly and to recognise manipulation of Man: through media, politicians, celebrity — and whatever else may be used within our current society. News has often attempted to filter the truth in order to win people to a specific point of view. I’m against that. I encourage people — believers and unbelievers alike — to witness within their own hearts what is Truth.

But in my eagerness to witness Truth, I have strayed into using my flesh to do it. I didn’t realise it but like anyone, it is possible to see the Truth in the Spirit, yet to share it through the flesh. Where I have done that, I have been ignorant, and I am truly sorry.

How it has happened

I have seen the manipulation of reality and become frustrated with those who manipulate. The frustration has seeped into my writing. Sometimes fear has been a part of that frustration — fear that Untruth will succeed, or recognising that what is false is already succeeding in swaying young people, in particular, to see the world through an ungodly filter.

And so, I submit that fear and that frustration to the Father and ask that He conquer all fear that remains in me.

In future

I must write that which is revelation from GOD but through my spirit and His, not through my flesh which is subject to opinion and error.

Forgive me audience. Forgive me LORD. Praise You for You are perfecting each and every one of us, to be ready as Your Bride, spotless and without blame. Hallelujah!