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Brexit: Time to pray specifically… as the Father leads.

Time to pray for No Deal Brexit

Forgive my presumption… although actually, I don’t think I’m presuming.

Yesterday morning the Father woke me early. It was to pray.

Once I finally got myself up and focused, I prayed.

I was surprised by what He spoke to my spirit: Pray for No Deal Brexit.


I’ve deliberately kept my opinion out of my prayers. Weeks have passed where, if I were “in the flesh” I would have told the LORD precisely what to do and how to do it! But no, I was led, over and again to pray, “Your will be done, on earth as in heaven,” and only that.

But yesterday He broke through with more – a direction, a specific. And so I prayed and am praying,

“Father, let there be breakthru. Let there be a Brexit with no deal.”

That’s what was voted for, before the media and those who want the UK to remain in the European Union, decided to “interpret” the vote, complicate it beyond all comprehension.

This post may confirm for some, go against the grain for others. But quite simply put, that is how the Father has asked me to pray. I share, hoping others will hear the Father’s heart and do likewise.