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UNESCO vs USA and Israel

Last week the US withdrew from UNESCO, siting anti-Semitism as a major factor.

You might remember that last year UNESCO sited the temple mount in Jerusalem as an historical site only for Muslims, discounting it as Israel’s holiest site for five millennia. This was one of several actions or stances that UNESCO has undertaken over recent months and years that are counter to Israel’s well-being.

One year ago, UNESCO – the world organisation that “encourages international peace and universal respect for human rights by promoting collaboration among nations” (see: UNESCO), voted that The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is only an historic site for Muslims, not for Jews, nor for Christians. Perhaps their thinking is that if they grant Arab supremacy, the Muslims will be appeased.

And what did this UNESCO vote signify in the Spirit?

Time is short. Zechariah 12 speaks about the attempt that will come to sever Jerusalem from the Jews; it prophecies the rage and battles that will ensue as a result.

We are called to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122).

The war over Jerusalem is inevitable. I say time is short, because the signs that this war is coming sooner rather than later, are increasing. The fight over Jerusalem is key to the peace process between Palestinians and Jews, and those in diplomatic relations seek to divide Jerusalem, taking some if not all of it from Jewish control.

As recorded in Matthew 25, in the Last Days, upon Jesus’ return to earth (to Jerusalem), he will judge the nations and separate those of his (sheep nations) from those who will go eternal punishment (goat nations). I believe all nations will receive God’s judgment in significant measure in relation to how they regard Israel.

Those who bless the nation of Abraham, which is Israel, will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. (Genesis 12:3)

As popular or unpopular as Donald Trump, current US president may be in the international sphere, he is a blessing to Israel. As the US withdraws from UNESCO, so too does Israel, enabled to stand against UNESCO’s rejection of Israel’s history.

It seems to me that this president, who doesn’t seem to have diplomacy or fear, has the boldness to stand on what he thinks are righteous principles. And as a result, Israel is blessed.

Biblically speaking, whether we like or dislike Donald Trump, whether his actions, statements or words agree with our views, world peace and order depend much less on the President of the United States and more, much more, on the State of Israel and the relationship it has with other sovereign states.

UNESCO and the UN that it is connected to, are seeking world peace at the expense of Israel at their — and our peril. Let us pray, first for the peace of Jerusalem, and then that the eyes of the international community will see what must be done to ensure peace. And may many nations be ready to receive the Prince of Peace when he comes to judge the earth. (Matthew 25)