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A Great thing about Brexit


One great thing about Brexit* (and yes there are good things about Brexit) is that politicians are putting their own views and their constituents’ votes ahead of party politics. So it would seem at least. As item after item is discussed and voted upon with close results, gradual progress is being made to carve out an agreement between the UK and the European Union.

Votes in the British Parliament are close as various pieces of the Brexit agreement are being decided. But whether from the Labour or Conservative parties (not much mention seems to be made about the Liberal Democrat vote), Member of Parliament representatives are voting what they believe is best rather that what will make them get ahead in politics; they are certainly voting across party lines.

The result of votes on pieces of the agreement are close, and why shouldn’t they be? The vote to leave the EU was 52% and to remain was 48%; therefore it makes sense that parliamentary votes would reflect that closeness as members vote on various aspects of the final agreement.

I wish the media would have this insight. I find instead they are making a rats’ nest of already complicated information, ideas and decisions. As a “leaver” myself, I wish everyone would be more optimistic, but where they cannot be, that’s okay. Politicians are voting with passion and that is interesting and important in an overall democratic environment that otherwise seems increasingly cynical and self-seeking. Most of the public seem to be wishing the government would simply get on with the matter rather than continue to bicker or try to change how the referendum vote turned out.  But in any case, right will be done, in the long run, regardless of the media or political agendas.

It’s good to hear and read in the news that tiny-increment-by-tiny-increment, progress is being made. Hallelujah! GOD’s Will be Done in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales. My word of wisdom: Fear Not! Great Britain, the best is yet to come:)


*Brexit is the colloquial term used for the legal process of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union following a majority referendum