Politics and Society today

Destabilised Nation

I have this overwhelming sense that things are only going to get worse, not better. 

How then can I keep going forward in what seems like a destabilised nation? Here is the solution: a call to prayer!

Politics today in the UK

A nation destabilised is not a healthy nation at all… Unity is needed to bring stability to the UK. Back-biting, infighting, squabbling, self righteous indignation: these are the stumbling blocks of the only party with the experience and expertise to navigate this time in the nation when we are being overrun with lies, disputes, and hatred. The enemy looks to be winning. What shall we the people do?


We pray. We humble ourselves. We seek GOD’s face, because man is failing, failing badly. What have we done but bring this upon ourselves by ignoring the ways of our heritage, the truth in all its light and love: the Gospel of Jesus. We need You Lord, oh how we need You!

Barbarism: Around the world, led by California, New Zealand and soon Canada, babies can be aborted up to the day of their birth.

Hedonism: Self has become GOD as what we feel trumps reason, biology and moral decency.

Gluttony: We waste more in unfinished take aways than some nations have to eat.

Fear: Rules our decisions, opinions and choices, led by the politicians and — especially — the media.

Despair, Decay, Decadence….. Dig in!

Yes the world around us seems to be imploding upon itself. But we have a choice: we can give in the the hopelessness, or we can dig in and pray.

While “Hope deferred makes the heart sick” (Proverbs 13:12)

we also know that “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Reflections and Poetry

An End of things as they’ve been: a short poem

Time is marching

Clock is ticking

UK dying

Need for grace.

*The author suggests that a read of the short prophetic book of Habakkuk is timely.*

Reflections and Poetry

Surely Politics is not meant to be a Game

My Observation (an opinion piece)

Today I watched the Prime Ministers Questions, a weekly time slot in the British Parliament when ministers are given the opportunity to ask the PM questions directly. This is a weekly Wednesday televised event as typically, the Leader of the Opposition grills the PM publicly. Tonight (at the time of writing) I watched the recording from this afternoon.

I am disgusted with both leaders, PM Boris Johnson and Leader of the Opposition Keir Starmer, and with both parties. Before I go on, this is an opinion piece, a response to what I watched, nothing more.

I am disquieted by the jovial nature of the discourse for, underneath their grit and attack, lay smirks and smiles and a general feeling of self-satisfaction by both of them, and many in their respective parties were jeering and baiting….. and effectively cheering each other on.

We are at war. This is not a funny season. My sadness is only just super-ceded by my disgust because the world situation, the moral decay across the world, is no joke. And while the Prime Minister uses clever slangs to sling at his opposition, and the Opposition uses words that suggest he despises the moral degeneration of this opponent, underneath the sparring, it all seems as though it is a game.

Mr Starmer asks the PM to resign!

Perhaps Mr Johnson doesn’t resign now only because he feels no real sense of moral failing, but recognises also that the other side is just as tainted and to resign only bats the degeneration into someone else’s court. It’s a cynical way to look at things but also pragmatic. And in one thing he is correct: we are in dire times and to change leadership now is “bad timing” at best.

By I digress… The nub is after all, party gate*.

In the meantime, while the nation is dedicated to supporting Ukrainian refugees and a war-torn nation, we observe the rotten disregard for the law in “party gate”.

The truth is, at party gate’s core, I reckon, the vast majority of parliamentarians were working long hours and were wanting a bit of a breather, relaxing with their own work-day colleagues. But while Conservatives were discouraging other offices from meeting, they themselves ignored their own rules. Now they’ve resisted admitting they were doing just that. Police have seen through the inconsistency but Boris cannot, or will not. The Opposition understands but uses the situation to their own advantage. And no-one really cares about right and wrong.

I voted for Boris. I knew he was an immoral man: a serial adulterer. But he would (and did) get Brexit done. But now, instead of sitting in front of a camera and genuinely explaining the detail to the nation, he glibly “regrets” what he did not perceive as criminal action, and wants to move on.

The media is great at pointing the finger. It rants about hypocrisy… whist some of the key journalists, who did precisely the same self-centred partying — even in public venues — are leading the charge. There is no sense of irony, no repentance, no sufficient humility, only a slinging of arrows and taunts and jeers of accusation. To the journalists it’s exciting news. The the PM it’s another hurdle to jump. To the public it is pathetic, infuriating, sad and dire.

I agree that the nation should not have the upheaval of a leadership contest, nor an untimely election. But this leader has no scruples and the nation suffers as a result. 

There is no better alternative

A nation gets the leadership it deserves. It seems the UK does not deserve much.

And why should it? 

We endorsed abortion. We endorsed gay marriage. We endorsed transsexualism: Human Rights has run amok. The aim of HR was for people to be protected across the world but the battle has become a joke, where the terrorists are given their Human Rights and the Judaeo-Christians are shunned for crimes their ancestors committed before they were crimes (for example slavery) and the values of “thou shalt not commit adultery” and “thou shalt not kill” are manipulated beyond recognition to excuse human abuses and crimes against GOD. The result: the total breakdown of the family, moral decay and hedonism to the level of absolute and unspeakable depravity. Yes, it is in the West, but it has spread and has infested, in its various shapes and forms, the globe.

My heart cry

Who can lead this nation — or any other — towards the values of GOD’s laws?

I simply resort to this: “Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus. Please LORD, Yehovah GOD, do not let society worsen still. Come, come now, come soon, Jesus.” 

*party gate (so nicknamed in reference to the Watergate scandal in the 1970’s during the Nixon presidential campaign): the term given to the leaked information that while the country was in lockdown, Westminster was engaging in parties — certainly work parties amongst those already working in close proximity during the work day but then holding drinks parties on Westminster premises during out-of-office hours.