Reflections and Poetry

Humanity’s End: a reflection on society’s future

Oh yes, we can fill our time. Never a dull moment, never alone, never solitary; not unless we really want to be. And why should we want to be? To contemplate our lives? To have our conscience pricked? To pray?

I am deeply concerned for the end of humanity. Cyber-people: a mix of humanity and androgynous machine – a robot-human, a humanoid, is in the making.

Simultaneously, the mass of humanity is being herded like sheep into a mindset of whatever Soros or Google or the likes of either want us to think. Those awakening to this are protesting, violently, and the World News shakes its head.

We are locked in conflict between globalist authorities and those duped to agree with them and protectionist mobs, angry and tired of being manipulated.

I am sick to my stomach… horrified and afraid… and surrendered to the inevitable: The end of humanity.

Shall I pray against it? Shall I enjoy life as it is, for the time being? Human relationship is changing, and I am deeply moved, saddened by it.

I’m at a loss, caught between being swept up by the colossal internet sweep and turning my back on all things virtual, to curl into old ways of loving, living and co-existing.

GOD… Yes, there is a god, Help us! We human beings who think we are so clever and so refined, have messed up so badly this time. We are pawns in a mega-conflict between Good, which is You and evil, which is not You; Is there any turning back to you now?

And the Spirit and the Word says, “Come unto me…” (Matthew 11:28-29)