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Innocence v Sophistication: an argument for parenting

Innocence v Sophistication

We are not to be “of this world”. 

Why then are so many of us raising our children to manage in this world? I include myself here; pursuing the best education possible for my son was my starting point.

Now I find myself aware he is doing his best to stay out of temptation while finding firm friendships and to mix in. 

We must learn to be outside the pull from this world

It’s becoming more apparent as trajectories in medicine and the school system become more bizarre, that certain political agendas are so anti-establishment that even natural biology and common sense have become establishment which must be contradicted.

Christian parents

We must learn to aim for maintaining innocence in our children in a super-sophisticated world. Academic reason and reality are no longer considered sophisticated enough, and mainstream thinking now celebrates what is convoluted, irrational, and ludicrous. 

“Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

How we parent is defined quite specifically in the Bible based on principles of right and wrong, personal responsibility, and moral obligation. Healthy society is eroding only because, over a very long period of time, basic Judeo-Christian values have been replaced with wooly thinking and a liberal agenda which largely ignores the existence of GOD, proclaiming instead that mankind is basically good and a “we can handle this situation on our own”. Well, and how are the test results?

As parents, we must protect the innocence of our children and not rush them into a world which promises benefits but actually risks contorting their otherwise healthy minds.


I am discovering it is okay for my child to be ignorant of certain evils. I am realising a sensitivity against liberalism is a result of an awareness of and respect for GOD. I am delighted that my child does not wish to embrace a lifestyle that is damaging emotionally and physically. Yes, he is innocent!

I look at other children who are strong in their faith. Some of them have had sheltered upbringings, steered away from the liberalism in this world having been home schooled or having progressed through an intimate Christian school setting. Others have been in a more worldly school, but have jeered at the worldliness. And what have all these teens have as a common experience? They have grown up with loving and consistent parenting, based upon their own love for and commitment to GOD. None of these teens are particularly sophisticated but all are emotionally secure, morally responsible, and intellectually stimulated.


Sophistication comes far too early in our society and only gives children a sense of freedom and liberty without responsibility or emotional maturity. Sophistication is exposure to intimate emotional relationship and sexual exploration. Sophistication is a sense of entitlement to freedom which used to be considered explicitly for married adults. Sophistication is the attitude of entitlement and expectation to make one’s own boundaries and explore without limits whims and fancies. It is children making adult decisions while still in the bodies and minds of a child, with few boundaries or limitations placed on their freedoms. It is life without restriction and without wisdom. 

Our society is crumbling because at too young and age people are acting ‘sophisticated’. 

Your child

It is alright if your child is innocent in an increasingly sophisticated world. He may experience the bumps of misfitting in his world, but that is far less a risk than him fitting into a world in ultimate madness and despair.