For Mothers

For Mothers: PLAY

Play is perhaps the most important way of relating to our children.

We know the Hollywood cinematic storyline of the boy who wants to play ball with his dad and his dad never has time… and the fallout from that is stuff of the tale on screen.

We know that play is important because infants do all their learning from play: exploring their world, interacting with their toys is the way they are stimulated.

We know that mothers have so much to undertake in their traditional role as provider and parent, nurturer and bonder with their children. And a part of all of this is play.

I remember in early years being so bored with repetitive play, because it is so repetitive. But my child loved to read the same book, play the same game, over and over again. Boring yes! But his delight made it all worthwhile.

I remember the same game over and again. I remember Chinese checkers, until my son stopped wanting to play because I got better at it. Same for so many games… all good until he grew and I became proper competition (except for Monopoly… he’s still the best in the family at that!)… And yet, we need to let them win and later learn competition.

Interaction during play is important. Conversations during play are important. There is, according to “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman, one love language of five which is TIME. Love is spelled TIME for many people once adult…. And for all children up to a point it will be of key importance…. Ironically, then TIME becomes our love language in relation to them as we long for any bit of time with them!:)

Please never underestimate the value of play to our children, as part of giving our time and attention. Yes, they need food, shelter, trainers and schoolbooks (or Ipads or laptops). But most of all, they need our time, and there is no price tag on that.

Every blessing to you as Mum, as we develop our strategies to keep on playing with our children, no matter how young or old they — or we –are. The games may change, but the essential value of them never will.