Preparing the Bride of Jesus Christ

Jehovah Nissi: The LORD is my banner

Jehovah Nissi — the LORD is my Banner

Yehovah is the correct Hebrew name for our LORD, just as Yeshua (rather than the English translation, Jesus) is the Son’s name. I wonder if the name of GOD is more powerful in the Spirit realm when we use the Hebrew. Does it matter?

Nissi means banner.

How relevant is this expression to our walk with Jesus?

Jesus and the Church

“His banner over me is love.” (Song of Solomon 2:4b) In the Song of Solomon we read a love story between a man and a woman… But the story also parallels the love between Jesus and His bride: the Church. We are the bride, He is the bridegroom. The banner is a covering. The waving of the banner demonstrates an all-encompassing mutual devotion.

It might be harder for men to relate to this wedding analogy than for woman… Esther, a woman, was pampered for months as she prepared to meet her King… We must prepare to meet Jesus. How can men prepare comparably? I suggest we also consider the spiritual battle we face against the enemy, which perhaps men can better relate to, and which is an integral part of preparation to we meet Jesus.

Moses and the original banner

From Exodus 17:13-16, we see that Moses created an altar after the Hebrews defeated the Amalekites, where the banner was raised.

But how were the Amalekits defeated?

It was through the power of unity, as reflected in Psalm 133:

“How good and pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity…”

The unity and love for one another between Moses and Joshua and Judah(?) is expressed as the two younger men supported and help Moses to keep his arms raised throughout the battle, which ensured victory for the Hebrews.

When we witness support for one another, the love for GOD and His love for them is represented. Through their unity, the LORD enabled the Hebrews to prevail, teaching them that strength is greater when there is unity of purpose, unity of will, unity of effort.

A New Testament Principle

“Love the LORD GOD… and love your neighbour as yourself”

When we celebrate GOD, when we raise a banner to Him, when we work together toward a common cause which gives glory to GOD, we demonstrate our love for GOD and for our neighbour. This fulfils the great commandment which Jesus shared as the fulfilment of the Law. The “waving of a banner” then, is a demonstration of our love for GOD and His love for us, for the LORD is [our] Banner!

What is a banner

Worship, which can include the waving of a physical banner, is a spiritually powerful activity expressing our love and honour toward GOD and celebrating Him: His grace, His power. The waving of a banner is an act which demonstrates an act of worship, humility toward GOD.

Whether we wave a physical banner or simply jump, shout, sing, dance in worship, we express our love and gratitude to GOD. When we show the LORD is our everything, He is certainly shared as our protector, saviour, the banner of us which is love Himself.