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Has all News become Gossip?

Recently, I had an “Ah ha!” moment while I was watching a news commentary programme on TV.

I’m discovering that almost all political news is gossip. Perhaps it’s borne out of 24/7 news broadcasting with the need to discuss a news story before the topic has had time to be exposed naturally, that “news” has become speculation, opinion and gossip more than hard core, evidence-based information.

News as Gossip

Sensationalism and speculation keep the viewer or reader engaged, but it is at an unnatural, heightened level.

I’m not sure innuendo and speculation are very good for the conscience. Certainly they can spike our interest and get the prayer engines running; but perhaps this is somewhat unnecessarily, as the “news” isn’t based on fact but suggestion, speculation, and a drawing of possible outcomes based on possibilities rather than a series of facts.

Keeping people watching or reading is the goal of the producers and editors, rather than sharing information to enable the audience to draw their own conclusions.

Ignoring the headlines

It may be cynical of me, but I’m not going to get caught up any more in headlines. Without a reporting of factual details, I’m learning to be wary of the snippets that suggest disaster is looming. Instead, I look at the detail. If there isn’t any, then there’s no news. Politics as gossip isn’t politics at all, but merely a temptation to get excited over what could possibly be. 

Prayer amongst the Chatter

Instead of frantic worry or speculative thoughts about what might evolve, I’ll look at the gossip for what it is, and pray for the parties being talked about.

I’d like to pray that communication might occur and truth might be exposed. Then there will be something substantive to talk about.