Reflections and Poetry

Relinquishing Control

When we feel stressed

It’s a sign

We are holding on:

Let go control.

When we know peace

It’s a sign

We’ve let go control

And are trusting GOD.

When we are surrendered

It’s a sign

We are growing in GOD

We have yielded control.

Control is an illusion

It’s a sign

We are self determined

And need to lean on GOD.

If you’re holding on

Let go control.

Reflections and Poetry

Life is in the Blood: ICU – third phase of Covid p3

The Life is in the Blood:

Visions from the LORD, prayers of others

There were so many images of life ahead for Alan, there was so much encouragement from a vast network of believers who were praying, there was so much hope and confidence in the LORD, as I navigated through the time of Alan’s unconsciousness. 

The steadfast prayers of the saints, some of whom I know — and many who got wind of Alan’s illness through that network and were praying through — these were such a huge support which kept me going. In fact, those who prayed for Alan have gone on to pray for us as a family since, and I find it absolutely remarkable how well we are doing in spite of Alan’s passing away. 

I am aware of GOD’s presence and know the prayers of His faithful saints are making such an impact on an otherwise horrible situation.

Two pathways

On several occasions, two parallel paths presented themselves to me, and I always chose the one of life. 

Dream: dressed in black

One morning I awoke from a dream in which I was wearing black — the quintessential funeral clothing. I prayed against anything that could be deemed an obvious interpretation.

I shared it with a prayer network as well, a group of fine prayerful folk, who also prayed against an outcome to Alan’s hospitalisation where I would be wearing black.

Although fleeting, two different paths that would lead from Alan’s intubation: one of death and one of life, came to mind from time to time. I don’t remember anything specific, just that there were two possibilities. I dismissed one.

I always chose to observe the thought, path, expectation that Alan would lived. I thought that was how the LORD was calling me to focus. In hindsight, perhaps he was letting me know it might go either way.

Release to the LORD

Three weeks after Alan regained consciousness, with steady improvement in fits and starts, and doctors at last expecting him to live, Alan was exhausted and asking when he could leave ICU.

I remember as I drove home from hospital the day Alan had stomach pain, the same day Dr M had begun the information sessions to give Alan context for his current situation (as mentioned in the last blog post), I remember distinctly passing the shops I have passed many times, and I said,

“LORD, you said Alan would recover, and I believe You. I turn it all over to you. Whatever outcome you decide, I surrender to…”

Hours later I would get a call to say Alan’s condition had worsened; the stomach pain had been a marker indicating some complications had arisen. Hours after that, I was invited in to hospital; moments after arrival, I was told Alan was not going to survive the night.

We must surrender

In all things, we must trust GOD. Did I give up on Alan? No! Did I give up on the power of GOD? No. What I did was give GOD the freedom to do as He knew best. 

After Alan’s passing, one dear friend said the LORD had told him that… “Alan was tired and just wanted to come home.”

I believe that if my release on that drive home the day before Alan died had any effect, it was to release the LORD to give Alan an answer to his prayer — to be set free from exhaustion and pain.

Politics and Society today

The will of the people & the will of GOD: Are they the same?

Democracy & Sovereignty vs Oligarchy and the Vassal State

(WARNING: This is purely an opinion piece; I share it and my accusations as such and am not purporting it to be fact*)

“And end to democracy!” the people cry. Is democracy dying?

Well, no, not really. But Theresa May has deceived her colleagues and the people of the nation of the United Kingdom. If this is Brexit, and “Brexit means Brexit,” then I see it as the end of the democratic state of the United Kingdom.

It’s happening all over the world… beginning in Europe, proceeding to the United States, and with these leading nations sucked into the masse indoctrination of the Global State, who’s left? Taiwan? As the best-acting form of democracy in Asia (according to a CNN report), most people vote, and their voices are heard. But it’s a tiny nation compared to the world, and how long can it survive against the tide going in the opposite direction?

As an intercessor, I feel just about defeated. I sort of “see the writing on the wall” for democracy and Great Britain….

The writing says, “The end of the Church Age, the End of Great Britain. The end of Democracy and the Sovereign State.”

Why? Because…

… though the move to Globalisation is, in my opinion, a bad thing, the media paints it as good by nature of their anti-nationalist/anti-patriotic stance. The youth don’t know any better for they have lived in a more global atmosphere than previous generations. So as old die out and young take over, it’s a race between Sharia Law (in the UK at least) and Globalisation. There’s little room for true democracy, where the population gets to hear issues presented in an honest (Ah, that’s gone too!) and impartial platform, and are given the right to vote as they see fit. That’s been seriously eroded by postal/on-line voting as well as the media propaganda.

Why do the Youth hearken to the cries for ‘Globalisation!’?

They are idealists, by and large. To “do good” through accepting migration, those of poorer nations get into a rich nation and will be better off. So goes the theory.

Ha. But with migration on a massive scale, and violence and crime becoming a part of it, the richer nations will not hold on to their wealth indefinitely, and the lowest common denominator will prevail.

Experience and an understanding of Jesus’ teaching tell me differently what works:

“Love the LORD your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbour as yourself.”

I wonder how many who hear this only focus on the last phrase and see red if folks don’t agree. Others who see the whole commandment yet focus only on the latter part, if they believe in GOD at all, assume they understand and represent His position on giving to the poor.

But Jesus also said, “The poor you will always have with you,” and when you honour GOD first, and seek His voice, He will direct your path — including how to help the poor and distressed. I’m not confident that many people who see their democratic right to vote, see it linked with their faith, and seek to vote the way the Father guides.

Or perhaps, it is GOD Himself who wants democracy to end. Perhaps democracy is part of the deception — part of the “We can build the Tower (of Babel) and there is nothing we won’t be able to achieve”… Perhaps the ultimate has been being self-governed through democracy.

Or perhaps democracy has been a gift from GOD to mankind, so that we might experience man at his best… and worst…. and value our freedom as ordained by GOD.

All I know is, my intercessory life is hard-pressed to dive into prayer vehemently at present. I am, instead, dismayed and how the United Kingdom has been guided to a place of Brexit in name only, and there is a contrivance to keep it tied to the UK in spite of a democratic result that favoured the end of the ties.

I am reminded of the line from a film, delivered by Peter Finch…

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

How about you?


I write this on the heels of a report in Paris, where currently there are riots. People are fed up with ever-higher taxes (a new 6% petrol/diesel tax has been imposed). The little man is fighting back. But will he win? The majority did vote for their current president, by the way, who has imposed these taxes… contrary to his promises before election, I believe.

Reflections and Poetry

Perspective is Relative: a reflection

We just moved house.  It was an international move. Today is the first day I’ve had quiet time to myself, to reflect on the last few weeks and what brings us here. There is nothing quite like quiet time to bring healthy balance and perspective.

I’m called to read Colossians. I’ve just read chapter 1. God’s Word always brings peace, truth and life. What jumps out at me is, “the hope which is laid up for you in heaven”.

Ah, hope; it isn’t just in heaven but now, here on earth, as well. Life is full, rich, challenging, rewarding, as we seek to live God’s will in our lives.

So we moved house, and after seven years abroad,  we have returned as we follow God’s Call.

I have a lot of work to do… some coaching and editing for others and some writing projects of my own. But wisdom ways “Wait” and so I pause from my work still further than the move forced me, to gain insight for today and a vision for this life which is now again in Britain. 

“What do you want of me, Father?” is my heart’s cry.

What is the project of the Father? I’ve returned to England after seven years away, delighted, hungry, eager to live here again. But why? Certainly life in the UK is not easy. Oh, it is not poverty or hardship; and yet it is much tougher to live here than in friendly, vast Canada where I emigrated to over seven years ago. And the weather is not as delightful or inspiring as is the weather in Spain, where I’ve just moved from.

So, why does the Father bring my family back here, and why now?

For over a year I’ve had a burden to return to England. In January of this year it intensified and finally, at the end of the school year 2017, circumstances shot us like an arrow toward England.

As I type this is it Rosh Hashana, the Hebrew New Year. The feast of trumpets is upon us and we in the world must look to Jerusalem (we pray for its peace) and to God and await His Call. We are His instruments and the universe is crying out for a change. God is moving in the heavenliness. And the stars, moon and weather reports are truly unique…. And we are perhaps waiting for the “last trump”.

Houston and the Gulf just experienced Harvey, followed by Hurricane Irma which has only just abated. Now a new hurricane — Maria — follows on its heals. This is the third in the Gulf of Mexico and area in as many weeks. It is one of many weather signs warning us to take note of the Father.

To shed light on the weather and the timing of God, I am simply here to say we are in short supply of time.

In subsequent posts I will reflect back on prophecies over the last decade which are pointing toward events such as are happening now or have already come to pass. Natural disasters are just a part of the signs of the times.

This is not a time to panic or to fear. It is a time to dig deep into our faith, stand fast in fellowship, and praise the Lord, that His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.