Reflections and Poetry

Crossing into the Promised Land: a reflection

I feel a tremendous sense of crossing into the Promised Land today. I share it with you.

Time is short. We need to engage with the LORD on His terms. Christian and Jew, Gentile believer and unbeliever, it is time to ensure we are on His terms and surrender what is not.

I am wanting to let go of everything I’ve mastered, even those things I have carried on out of obedience to Him. I think — I hope — I’m ready to drop everything. To drop the net, lay hold only of what He has for me to do.

I’ve stepped into the Promised Land and am overjoyed with His presence in my life. I’m a bit nervous, but very hopeful that I am in His perfect will.

He said, “Come follow me,” and the disciples did. He said, “Lay up nothing in this world,” and they carried nothing with them to go into the community and witness, heal, cast out demons.

I don’t know what he has in store for me. It doesn’t matter. My ambition is gone. When all hope is gone, you have no baggage. When all hope is gone for the things in this world, when we only want the Father’s will, there is nothing to grieve. Praise God He loves us and wants what he has created in us, planted in us to be and to do.

I cast away my ambitions and my assumptions. I listen to His Spirit within me and I celebrate liberty. His yoke truly is easy and His burden is light.

Yeshua is our Saviour. Will we drop everything for him? Time is short. I’ve got nothing left to try, except to abandon my attempts.

“Jesus I am here. Take me, mould me, shape me, use me!”