Reflections and Poetry

All Things New: a poem

The earth is spinning into global chaos:

Protests and counter-protests

Global warming and shouts “it’s a scam”

while a new stat year begins on the brink of harvest

for tiny children, teens and those

university- or college-bound

in the West at least:

How do we yield to the mass hysteria

or counter it with love

that will replace hostility

with the peace of God

and shine a light into the darkness

of despair?

Where do we look for guidance when

the aged are sidelined or dying

and youth leads us into oblivion —

inexperienced, wise in their own eyes

but vain and dim-witted 

and ignorant?

What do we do who believe in 

ultimate justice, standard of truth

and hope beyond despair,

when no one appears to be

listening. Is this what it’s like

for you, Yehovah, and for 

your son Yeshua?

Why is the world spinning

out of control when so many

need to stop, take stock and

live, look up, hope and believe

the maker of the universe

is here, is true, does care

for me, for you.

The earth is spinning but we can stop

And stare beyond elsewhere.