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Spiritual Warfare and Sovereignty of GOD: a reflection

There are times when life flows easily but most of the time, hurdles and inconveniences crop up. Most is just a part of the tides of life. But sometimes satan does try to trip us up.

When we are wanting to grow as followers of Jesus, inevitably, the enemy will try to block our progress. But that progress, without the enemy, would be far less.

Spiritual warfare is a gift, not a curse. When we encounter struggles, hurdles, or even conflict, it is ALWAYS AN OPPORTUNITY to mature and grow in trust and fellowship with Jesus.

Currently, I’m having trouble with a tenant. This is unpleasant, but it is an opportunity too. Because I can learn so much from adversity, as unpleasant as it is.

For example, I’ve learned I don’t argue well. When someone attacks me, I immediately revert to self defence. Instead of drawing out someone’s flaws when they attack mine, I defend myself. Jesus did not defend himself and when persecution comes my way, which in these End Times, it very well may, I must be able to be resolute and not fearful, calm and not antagonised.

This is a BIG weakness in me. I get emotional! Best to walk away, but if it is right to stand my ground, I need to learn to ignore an attack on me. It’s the enemy’s tactic to throw me off balance.

We need to be aware that as the LORD is sovereign, even adversity in our lives is within His plans and purposes.

So, when we face a struggle, it is good to use the Word of GOD and pray. This is spiritual warfare and there is a place for it. But at the same time, we need to ask Him, “What are you showing me in this?” “What is your lesson to me?” “What do I need to learn through this situation.” Because GOD and His purpose is in everything we face, and when we face it with Him, we face it in strength.

I am learning detachment. When the accuser lies about me, I get emotional. I must not. In adversity, strength comes from fearlessness, and fearlessness comes from confidence that the LORD is at my side, is within me, is my cheerleader and is my sovereign. In Him, I can do all things, with a hopeful heart.

Shalom… the peace of GOD which passes all understanding, is within and around us, when we allow it to be. Draw near to Yehovah, and He will draw near to us. The enemy won’t be far behind, but we can embrace adversity knowing it is a tool the LORD permits in order to make his children strong.

God bless.





Reflections and Poetry

Don’t Blame the Devil

Don’t Blame the Devil

Sometimes rotten things happen to us; but God is sovereign and He knows what we face. He’s here to comfort, to encourage and to help us overcome our obstacles .

When you put these these two ideas together: that God is sovereign and that rotten things can happen, that suggests that God allows rotten things to happen to us, right?

Theology can be argued in so many ways. But if you believe as I do, that God is God – all powerful and all knowing – that implies that He knows when we suffer. So, if He knows, why does He let it go on anyway?

In the past I’ve written that “without opposition, we don’t become strong.” I believe that to be true. Further, while God doesn’t orchestrate rotten things happening, sometimes He allows it, because that is the only/best way to ensure we learn and grow from where we are now, toward who He has created us to be.

When we pursue the Call of God, there will be challenges we must face. I think it’s very important that we don’t get tricked into thinking these obstacles must only be endured or fought. Rather, if we reckon they are for our good, they won’t seem so large, we get a head start on overcoming, and we use the opposition to hurl us forward. When we accept God is in all things, we are spurred on; when we embrace opposition, we discover what God has for us and grow.

Holiness is an old word and a new aim when we are seeking to live a surrendered life which will bring fulfilment, satisfaction in our life’s work, and internal peace – the peace that passes all understanding. As we live a life surrendered to God, we will encounter opposition. We can “do Spiritual Warfare”. But it’s important to note, I think, that before we battle the heavenly realms, we also recognise the LORD is trying to teach us something. If we only look at opposition as something to be fought, rather than something to learn from, we miss God’s reason for allowing the trouble in the first place. If we miss the point, we miss the lesson, and that is a pity. Further, like school, if we miss the lesson, we probably have to face it again, so that ultimately we can overcome.

I believe it is through overcoming, that we draw closer to fulfilling God’s Call in our lives.

Politics and Society today

Is God Building an Army of Peacekeepers?

EzekielIs this a time for war or a time for peace?

The truth is God is raising an Army of Believers to fight for the human race against spiritual darkness. We fight to the glory of God, for the Prince of Peace, with the power of the Holy Spirit who operates within and through us.

Ready: The world is becoming a very dark place spiritually. Youth are depressed, trained to believe there is nothing after this life and that freedom is doing what you want. Bereft of hope, so many people are turning to substance abuse as false comfort. These are only two of many areas that reveal spiritual darkness. Prayer and praise, the application of God’s Word in our lives and for others – these are the weapons of our warfare to combat spiritual darkness.

Set: What is spiritual warfare? How do we apply the weapons that we have?

A look at Ephesians 6:10 – 18 will serve to deepen our understanding and preparation. We know the truth (vs 14) and must grow in our own character to have the right to fight the enemy (vs 14). We fight against principalities and powers and not people (vs 12) , instead loving them toward the light of God’s love and His inner and inter-relational peace (vs 15). Faith keeps us strong against the lies of Satan our enemy (vs 16). In our own minds we are confident of our salvation and rightness in Christ (vs 17) further supported by our knowledge and growth in God’s Word (vs 17), our ultimate instrument of victory. The eight verse text is packed full of encouragement and empowerment. Get to know it and stand to fight against the enemy for family, friends, colleagues and strangers, that they might be saved from living death and called to life today.

Action Plan:

lots of love birds1. Learn the weapons of your warfare (use Ephesians 6).

2. Grow as God leads you, in truth and righteousness.

3. Walk in peace toward whomever you encounter.

4. Allow God to grow your faith. In all things acknowledge Him and He will ensure your path is straight.

5. Be wary of that which seeks to challenge your confidence in your salvation. The enemy likes to attack our minds to shake our assurance. (Mind = Soul = Emotions+ Intellect+Will)

6. Read the Bible. Learn scripture. Prepare to use it against the enemy.

7. Don’t go in presumption, but rather prepare and trust God’s call.

Remember, it is the Truth that sets people free.

Go: Wait on the LORD. Be ready to speak of the hope you have. Love. And walk in the measure of holiness the LORD has already given you. You need not look for the battle. When you are prepared, it will come to you. God bless and may ‘The glory of the LORD be your rear guard’. (Isaiah 58:8b)