Reflections and Poetry

Render unto Caesar: a reflection

Righteous doesn’t always mean willing.

I would never, and have never, cheated on my taxes. In fact, I was a waitress in university and colleagues used to ask me,

“Please don’t declare your tips because the government will come after the rest of us.”

But I declared my tips.

This even before I was a practicing Believer.

I didn’t drink under age… not because I’d get into trouble if I did, nor because I thought it was unhealthy or untasty, but simply because it was illegal.

I was a stickler for the law.

So, I’ve never cheated on my taxes. But in my heart, I have resented having to pay, sometimes. And so, I confess, I’ve been a bit double-minded about it and I think spiritually, have held back my own financial progress because of it.

Finally, recently, I decided to pray to overcome this poor attitude about taxes.

I was led in my private prayer time to one simple verse,

“ And He said to them, “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”” (Luke 20:25)

I share this with you for two reasons:

  1. To confess and to reveal that God convicts, heals and restores
  2. To encourage the reader that, if there is something of taxes or similar – paying for a service for example – that financially is a stumbling block, be aware, be released and overcome

I am free to pay my taxes now. I always have, but while the Lord loves a cheerful giver when it comes to offerings and gifts, I think that can even include taxes.

The government needs its income. I’ve struggled since leaving my homeland with the idea of paying foreign governments their dues. I’ve always done so, but sometimes reluctantly. But I’ve learned. And so, to those to whom this message might relate or convict, it’s okay. We love, we learn, we grow… and we pay when the owe.