Another Storm Coming: Taking it in stride

I awoke this morning from a dream. The dream was a rendering of the chaotic. The message received, “there is a storm coming”. The last time I had a dream like that, we had a family row that day following the dream. Today I descended from my bedroom, looked at my emails to discover, my… Continue reading Another Storm Coming: Taking it in stride

America On the Brink

I don’t write regularly because while I do enjoy it, I am attempting to write only what the LORD leads me to write, when He leads me. I send out Soaring Post sparingly because, as there is so much that all of our email in-boxes are bombarded with, I aim to be read when I… Continue reading America On the Brink

Don’t Blame the Devil

Don’t Blame the Devil Sometimes rotten things happen to us; but God is sovereign and He knows what we face. He’s here to comfort, to encourage and to help us overcome our obstacles . When you put these these two ideas together: that God is sovereign and that rotten things can happen, that suggests that… Continue reading Don’t Blame the Devil