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We are at War: the most important post I’ve ever written

WAKE UP CHURCH: We are at War

I have been having a recurring dream for weeks. Not nightly but frequently. At first I couldn’t remember it. Finally, I have remembered and it is very clear now that I have read various matters in the news (fake or not) that all collide into one message.

Those who seek righteousness, whether Christian or Secular, are at war with a shadow global elite superpower that is seeking to control thought, societal structure, money, politics. Those who are Believers in a Creator may call the source of this power the devil. But even that is a simplification.

We are at war with control.

In my dream I am in a sea or ocean, surrounded by an octopus. I am watching. In a most recent dream, it was a small octopus and the message was that I needed to give up control in my own life to see this octopus leave. I’ve been surrendering and for those who know me, I’m fastidious and organised and … somewhat controlling of my world surrounding me. This of course is at odds with a life surrendered to Jesus and so I struggle on. BUT today, seeing the octopus again in the dream, I’ve yielded, and yielded myself to GOD for my sake, and for the sake of my family.

The Octopus

Having understood my own “octopus of control” has given me freedom to understand the universality of my recurring dream. In it the octopus is HUGE and I watch as it undulates through the water, silently, stealthily, powerfully.

AND NOW, we witness a global shaking of the stock markets, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu under investigation for corruption (while South African President Jacob Zuma can’t be got rid of) and President Trump under all manner of relentless attack, and all these matters are converging: The Octopus is massive, and represents the establishment that rules the world in politics, media, economics and all manner of world wide institutions. Those who seek to block globalisation or simply do their own thing (run their own country according to its own laws and constitutions) are denigrated, not tolerated, accused of anything to deflect, distract or demote their democratic authority. All of this, that is to say, ALL of this is a huge corporate plan to control individuals in the name of peace, but it is not for peace but for the sake of power, control and money.

Does this sound like a James Bond film or a Marvel Superhero story? I’ve often perceived that science fiction is prophetic and often such unimaginable characters or events have eventually come to pass.

Think me crazy, deluded or ultra-right?

I’m just a Believer in a very just and righteous GOD who gives us insights, sometimes into leaders we deserve, and offers us help and hope when we pray.

So what is one to do? We pray. And we can win. Remember Gideon and David, the few and the small? They were victors because they trusted GOD. But they also took action appropriate to their situations. They fought in faith and they won.

Our weapons are the scriptures.

The sword of the Spirit is the Word of GOD, and

“the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds”. (1Corinthians 10:4)

We have to pray. We have to seek the LORD. We have to wake up to what is going on around us and stand for what is good and right in humanity and against that which is evil. God has given us a spirit of a sound mind. Let’s open our eyes, open our hearts and our Bibles, and let’s pray.

Jesus didn’t only die to save people from sin. He died to change the way society operated. That is being eroded in the name of humanism and for the sake of control. Please pray as Jesus taught us, not our will but thine be done. Shalom is GOD’s peace. Let us pray for peace to fight this invisible war, a war of shadows, deceit, manipulation, and control.

And if you think I’m crazy, deluded or extreme, ask GOD what to do, who to believe and what to trust. Or if you don’t believe in GOD but sense Truth in what I write, then send this on so others will get the same message.

Shalom – GOD’s peace – be to you and to the world. Amen.