For Mothers

For Mothers: An encouraging word

An encouraging word

Who can underestimate the value of an encouraging word to a child?

They may seem brazen and over-confident, they just need encouragement.

They may seem shy and timid, they just need encouragement.

No matter the child, no matter the personality. We all need encouragement.

If they are timid, build them up. If they are boisterous, calm them down.

If they are intelligent, praise them; if they struggle at school, boost their confidence.

Never underestimate the power of genuine encouragement.

Flattery goes nowhere but an encouraging word, born out of sincere admiration, praise or respect, can take a child from the depths of hopelessness to the pinnacle of confidence.

It is easy to correct. Find something to praise.

Sarcasm cuts, failure demoralises. But encouragement builds up. 

We all need building.

Grant that your child gains self assurance today. Help them to find a little bit more of it. Today.