Reflections and Poetry

Fresh Beginnings: a reflection

FI am seeking a still and deeper relationship with Holy Spirit…. not funky or flakey, but real, deep and true. I am seeking to walk in the Spirit 100% of the time.

I’ve experienced moments, and once a 5-day blessing of GOD’s Holy anointing upon me — not because I’m more worthy than anyone else, nor less, but simply because I asked and He granted it to me.

This is September. It is a time when autumn prepares for winter by means of the hibernation of animals; leaves fall from deciduous trees to allow them to be dormant for winter. But it is also the season of new beginnings, such as for educational institutions in my neighbourhood and country. And for me — perhaps in part because I am a former teacher — this season is also for me more about beginnings than endings.

I am seeking GOD’s Holy purpose for me for this season. I am searching for a deeper identity with Him. I am holding on to Yehovah, Father, Creator, so that the times — which are darkening — do not darken me.

I will find fulfilment as I spend time in the Word, spend time in Worship, spend time in stillness with my GOD. I will find because He promises: He is present, and in His presence is fulness of joy. (Psalm 16:11)

What will you seek this new season? What will you search for? What will you hold dear?

I encourage you not to wait one more moment, but to contemplate: to seek Him and allow Him to envelope you with His presence and His love, so that you can be that whom He has created you to be.

It is September 2019. We have much to learn and much to do. The master teacher, our Yeshua/Jesus will show us the way, when we wait and trust and follow his lead, for “He who waits upon the LORD shall renew his strength; he shall mount up with wings as eagles, he will run and not be weary, he will walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)