For Mothers

For Mothers: Whose job is it to parent?

Government v Parental Responsibility

I do not believe it is the job of a government to parent children. Parents are called parents because they have children in their care to… parent.

Ensuring a child gets schooling is the parent’s responsibility. Ensuring school is available is the government’s responsibility.

Ensuring a child has clothing, food and shelter is the parent’s responsibility. Ensuring there is work available, or for those who cannot work that there is a source of finance, is the government’s responsibility.

Sage wisdom

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he grows up he will not depart from it.” Proverb.

Healthy habits form early

There is a lot of wisdom in this. Whatever we learn when we are young tends to stick. So, let’s expose our children to wholesome people and wholesome places and wholesome food. That way our children will grow into healthy people emotionally, socially and physically.

Let’s not delegate

It is the parent’s responsibility to provide a secure, wholesome environment. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure safety and security is available throughout society.

It is a parent’s responsibility to love our children. The government cannot possibly love, care and protect children to the degree we can ourselves. 

We must not delegate or relinquish our jobs as parents. Our influence, our hearts, our actions are second to none. We cherish our children. Our children need our love and care. 

It is the parent’s job to parent. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure a safe society where parents and children can thrive. This is my opinion. What is yours?