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Personal Story and Reflection

We are moving again… this time to home, the UK, where much of our family lives and where we will settle, at least for now.

I’ve learned to move. Since becoming a follower of Yeshua/Jesus, I’ve lived in 5 countries, from North America to Asia and points in between. I’ve loved it. Admittedly, sometimes I’ve hated it, but it’s all been good for me, and for my marriage, and for my family. Most of all, it has been good for our spiritual growth. God has done His work in us, in part by transplanting us. Now he’s taking us home to where most of our family is, on my husband’s side anyway, and where most of my son’s cousins are. It is good.

It’s also a bit daunting, because God is doing it in a hurry.

I once quoted someone who said, “God takes a long time to do things quickly.” I love that; and it’s so true.

I’ve known we were meant to return to the UK for about 4 years. But my hubby didn’t hear it. Perhaps that’s often the way in marriages… one hears, and prays, and waits. Then the other gets it. Then, off you go!

I’m excited.

This morning in my prayer time things converged. We’ve known for a few weeks it was time to move. But we didn’t know the timing. We sensed it was September, but weren’t sure. Some things pointed to a little later, but before year’s end.

Today, I had a picture as I was praying. My husband and I were on a cherry picker type of crane, on top of a roof, preparing to decorate. There was no crane, per se, just the box. Then… the box tipped over the side of the building and began to fall. But just as you see when Wylie Coyote or Sylvester the cat are suspended in mid-air because they don’t realise they’re off the ground, so too were we, in our decorating box, suspended in mid-air. Only unlike the cartoon characters, we didn’t eventually fall. Rather, we were held up supernaturally.

I think God is saying to me to trust that he’s in the move for September. (I had been asking for specific timing and guidance from Him and in the context of my specific (too detailed to mention here) prayer, He has answered.)

I’m still excited. And more at peace having had a picture from Him directly. How do I know it’s Him? Because others have said September and I’ve asked for confirmation: Spirit-filled, anointed confirmation. And through previous experience and faith, I think He’s done it.

Thank you LORD, and praise you, Yehova, God of the Universe, maker of Heaven and Earth.

Blessings to you reader. I may not post a bi-weekly newsletter in two weeks’ time. Forgive me if not. It’ll be mid August and I’ll be packing or preparing. Bear with me. I’ll be back, in God’s perfect time.