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As Jerusalem is declared the Capital of Israel

Embassy or Temple

As construction is planned for a new American Embassy in Jerusalem, could this construction in any way reflect a rebuilding of the Temple long-awaited by Jews and Christians around the world?

Is there a way that one embassy construction site can somehow dovetail into a construct of the Temple of God?

I dunno. Wouldn’t seem so. But the coincidence of timing is astounding.

I’m just sayin’ – something seems to be in the air. Innocent by man but may the will of the Father be done.

Let’s pray!

“Father, day after day there is more tension in the world. Jerusalem has been the key to Middle East strife for decades. I pray You will reveal the truth behind the forces seeking to have their way in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. I pray for righteousness, Your righteousness. We know too, that there must be much calamity before the Prince of Peace returns and all is restored back to You. We pray “Your will be done.” In the name of Yeshua, your son Jesus’ name, Amen.