Examining Biblical Scripture

The Effort to Hear His Still Small Voice

There isn’t one particular technique to hearing from God. But what I believe we must do is to still the mind, still the heart, and wait for Him to speak, expect Him to touch our minds and hearts. When we stop and listen, He will speak. (Jeremiah 33:3, John 10:27)

How can we live to hear “the still small voice”

… and carry the burden which Jesus promises is light, if we continue to cling to our To Do lists and strive in the flesh to do that which is of the Spirit?

Instead, let us not overburden ourselves, even with good intentions and opportunities that should not be missed. Rather, let us seek God’s face so we know the God things intended for us, choose the right opportunities that will enable us to fulfil our Call, and connect today with the few we are meant to meet, in order to make a difference.

How can we achieve the perfectly rewarding day?

“Early will I seek you.” (Psalm 63:1)

Practical tips:

We can avoid email (et cetera) for one day. We can begin and go to completion on one task, we can minimise the projects we choose to involve ourselves with and we can turn our backs (literally) on diversion.

There are a ton of wonderful things to do and people to meet. We can’t do them all, even though in the internet age some would suggest we can. In the battle between quality versus quantity, there are many voices suggesting we can achieve it all through technology.

No, I don’t think so. I don’t think technology is a replacement for a prayerful life. If we must choose, let’s choose the real over the virtual, the heavenly over the cyber.

Let’s do the God things and let the good things be done by others who are so called to those things.

We cannot to everything. Let us instead choose wisely, savour the thrill of enterprise and the joy of success in the small things. God will bring all things to pass, with faith and service and diligence.

Let’s be patient, single-minded and faithful in the small things, and leave the detail to Him. Let us flee from temptation and distraction, and run our race that He has set before us.

Let us agree this in prayer, together. In Jesus’ name, Amen.