Preparing the Bride of Jesus Christ

Enough time to walk with Jesus


If, after spending enough time to walk with Jesus in a day, you haven’t got time to do the “to dos” and your “work”, then the work and to dos are not important. As Jesus said, “take care of today for tomorrow will look after itself” (Matthew 6:34)

Thinking differently

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind… what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of GOD” (Romans 12:2)

We need to rethink our priorities if we are serious about being full of the Spirit of GOD. We need to rethink our priorities if we are serious about being fully obedient, fully surrendered to GOD. We need to rethink if we believe — as Jesus says — we are “to be perfect as [our] heavenly father is perfect.” (Matter 5:48) Because being here in this world, we are way too focused on this world — I am, that’s for sure. 

Dedication as His Bride

I do believe I surrendered to GOD at my baptism. I do believe He took me at my word when I promised to follow Him. I do believe the Bible. Living it out is not as easy as believing. While I know I’m saved by His grace, I am still responsible for the choices I make, and the discipline to walk faithfully is becoming clearer and clearer to me.

He wants a spotless bride. Spotlessness only comes because Jesus suffered in our place; but following from that, we remain spotless through our choices. We can fail and He’ll pick us up. But we have to want to remain spotless, we have to will not to fail. That much we do have control over, and must control, if we are not to be found wanting when we meet Him face to face.

A choice

I realise I have a choice: Do I lack enough time to walk with Jesus? Or am I choosing not to have enough time to walk with Jesus?

And once I’m aware I have choices, I am in charge of my choices (and my time). What will I do about it?

What will you do with your time, to ensure you have enough time to walk with Jesus?

Choosing Jesus first

Yes this will change my life! It will greatly alter your life. But we can look at it this way: the life which comes after this one is longer (eternal) and more important. 

GOD wants to live and move within us. Are we going to allow Him to do that?

Mankind at Creation

At Creation, Yehovah GOD made man in His image: male and female. Ever since then, with the exception of Jesus, mankind has chosen to walk in his own image. 

Through Jesus we have a choice and most of those reading this post have chosen to follow Jesus. But are we saved? 

There are, if you like, two salvations or two levels of salvation*: 

  1. Recognising Jesus as our Saviour and Lord. This is the one we are most familiar with.
  2. Walking in the knowledge and consciousness that we must fully surrender. This is what Paul meant by “working out our own salvation with fear and trembling”. (Philippians 2:12)

At which level is each of us walking?

Getting to Heaven

If we are operating at level 1, we have professed our faith, repented (the order doesn’t matter), and asked Jesus to lead and to guide us. The Holy Spirit has revived our spirit within us and through baptism in water we can be more assured of the Holy Spirit operating within us.

But if we are operating at level 2, we are laying down the flesh daily, hourly, conscious that it is “not I who live but Christ who lives in me”. 

I haven’t contemplated or studied enough to know where a person is in terms of heaven if we operating only at level 1. I just don’t know. Perhaps we are only responsible for the level of revelation GOD has given us. But now I’ve ruined that for you readers…

I’ve definitely smashed through the theory of “once saved, always saved” because salvation is not as simple as praying a prayer of faith; we must walk in it. (James 2:20)

In sharing the concept of two levels of salvation (btw this is not doctrine so please don’t get too excited! I am merely extrapolating in language terms as best I can, why scripture says we are saved by grace and yet we also must work out our salvation), it surely brings into question for myself and others:

If I’m serious about Jesus, why wouldn’t I be walking in level 2: fully grateful, fully surrendered, fully committed?

It seems to me that this question is for serious thought and prayer.

* Maurie Daigneau “The Gospel You’ve Never Heard”