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Brink of War: Putin the Key

The ducks are lining up in a way similar to pre-August 1914, aren’t they? Media have been monitoring world relations and a few months ago we were on the brink with North Korea and the US threatening each other.  Then things went quiet.

Now Russia is threatening to defend themselves or their allies if anyone attacks.

So, Theresa May found within her the heart of a lion and kicked out Russian diplomats in response to a public emission of chemical gas in Salisbury, a lovely, unassuming town in Southern England. Europe and North America have followed suit and Putin now sits isolated… except for his Arab allies. Now we must watch, again as always, the powder keg which is the Middle East.

Shall we imagine if the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) hadn’t blown Syria’s nuclear reactor in 2007 and Syria — in the hands of Assad, who gasses his own people or ISIS, who beheads anyone they disagree with, had nuclear warheads? I think not.

And there are the less official alliances. A US destroyer has weeks ago been placed in the South China Sea, at the invitation of Viet Nam, in order to protect it against possible Chinese aggression.

And North Korea, thankfully, has become quiet on the international stage, for the time being.

Has no one in politics studied history? Or perhaps they have and that’s why it’s taken some time before this powder keg has got this point of the match getting ready ready for striking.

But those of us with spiritual eyes: we must not worry AND we must pray.

The main characters are poised. The boys are lining up their troops but this is not playtime. I think they know this, at least those with nuclear capability do. The main players do. I choose to believe this.

The key is Putin, I believe. He’s not the anti-Christ. He is perhaps a thug. Or perhaps, by some strange injustice, he’s only painted as such. He’s a Christian! How can he be evil when he stands up for righteous living?

I wonder if President Trump is pondering this very inconsistency?

I think of mafia films, with the Italian mafia as practicing Catholics. Witness “The Godfather” — planning and executing assassinations while baptism and weddings were going on. But that was just a movie, right?

Oh, how we need Jesus to return.

In the meantime, we must pray. Not panic, not fear, but pray. Pray that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will have mercy on those of us in this planet. Pray for Jesus, Prince of Peace, to intercede and also to return. Pray that the unity of God’s Spirit will prompt all believers — Jew and Gentile — to pray for God’s will to be done.

Throughout history prayers for peace and victory of righteousness have been answered.

Come with clean hands and a pure heart, and pray.

I pray that we will join together in prayer.

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