For Mothers

For Mothers: Protection for our children

Do not be anxious!

We need to protect our children. As part of that protection, we need to rise above fear for our children. Why? Because worry, anxiety and stress can cause strife and disagreement, disharmony and discontent. They can destroy the peace and harmony of the home. We must try to avoid it… in order to protect our children, even from ourselves.

I’m guilty

Sometimes I worry for my son. He’s an able, healthy, decent human being. And yet, I worry anyway.

This gets in the way of fun and it gets in the way of his freedom and his learning curve. If I worry, I distract him. Or I persuade him, rather than leave him to his own judgment. 

He won’t learn unless I leave him alone.

Young ones

Of course whether our children are young, or old, we seek to protect them. But the level of protection is relative to their age and capability. And so, the little ones need much more of our direct protection for their physical and emotional well being, than do the older ones.

Love them

Let’s not hound our children, or fret about their decisions. Let’s lead and guide them so that they will learn and grow as they need to. Let’s set boundaries that will protect them on the one hand, and release them to grow on the other. Balance, age appropriate freedoms and boundaries, will help our children to feel loved, nurtured, safe… and free.

Bless them with respect

When we endorse our children’s good decisions and choices, we build them up. When we throw cold water on their ambitions and endeavours, we demoralise them.

Let’s look forward to the future with hope and positive expectation. And let’s show our children we have faith in them. Let us give them safe guidelines and trust in their best, protecting them from harm but allowing them to make their own achievements and even their own mistakes.

That’s what I’m saying to myself as much as to anyone else.