Preparing the Bride of Jesus Christ

Huge Key to Effective Prayer

During an intercessory session of prayer with some others, on more than one occasion, I have had an insight into prayer… Well for me it was insight. Perhaps for you it’s familiar. Let me share, because this is a HUGE KEY to effective PRAYER

Intercessory Prayer

We pray to bring GOD’s will to pass. He gave us authority over the earth and we must exercise it as part of GOD’s chosen will for us. But not only does He give us the freedom and the mandate to pray, but if we really tap into Him, He will also reveal His heart under His anointing.

If we tell Him what we want, He listens. But if we seek Him and He discloses what He wants, we have the authority and the responsibility to pray that into being.

So, yes, prayer can be asking. And prayer can be making declarations.

But most of all, what prayer really is, is awaiting His revelation of what He wants, and for us to use the authority that He has given us from the Garden (Genesis 2:15, 19), to pray His will be done on earth as His will is in heaven.

Praying with the authority He’s given to human beings, and praying His will to come to pass, is perfect prayer. Knowing His will first, and taking that on board and then praying, well: WOW! That’s revelation and the key to powerful prayer! 

And yes, we can pray, “Your will be done.” But sometimes He will reveal His specific will, and we are to pray that into being.

Hallelujah. Prayer is a lot more than just asking for stuff!

Hallelujah and Amen.

Prayer is not

Prayer is not making demands or claiming our rights and our wants. Prayer is not declaring in our own strength and our own will. That’s praying in the flesh. It might yield something but it won’t yield GOD’s will. I only want GOD’s will for my life and for those around me. “Not as I will but as You will…” (Matthew 26:39)

Prayer is

Prayer is surrendering our will to His, asking what His will is, waiting on Him and then praying His revelation from heaven onto the earth. 

Prayer is being earnest with Him and sharing our hearts and asking Him to rescue us, our loved ones, the earth and those within it. 

Prayer is our earnest seeking of the LORD, pouring out our heart to Him. 

We need to pray

Yes, we need to pray. We can ask Him anything and we can ask for anything from Him. “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (James 5:16) 

True Intercession

BUT to pray His prayers, His kingdom to come onto this earth as in heaven aka His will on earth as it is in Heaven — that is the mandate of intercessory prayer. And the key I’ve recognised at a deeper level than ever before, the key He’s been giving me is that He will give us specifics, He will give us anointing, He will mandate us with perfect clarity what He wants and we have the authority He needs us to use for His will to come to pass.


Prayer can be an argument with Him. Prayer can be a testimony to Him. Prayer can be a pleading our cause with Him. Prayer is simply, communication with Him. 

But effective, intercessory prayer is a mandate we are called to fulfil if we want His will to come onto this earth. Waiting on Him is how we learn what He wants us to pray. This is the way for His will to come to earth, this is His will for us to do: to take the authority He gave us on earth and to pray His will be done. He will give us specifics if we want them, if we wait for them, and He will give us the anointing to pray them into being. If we exercise the power He’s given us, there is the way for His conquering will to overcome the evil that has taken this planet. 

Let’s be faithful.

Let’s be still.

Let’s be prayerful. And He will overcome this world.