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GOD has heard and is In Charge: It’s our time to surrender

In contemplating the implosion of the democratic process around the world, with particular consideration of the BREXIT process in the UK, I’ve not been posting but have been thinking… And here’s what I’ve come up with:

Hallelujah! The parliamentary system isn’t broken. It is being severely tested.

So far, we have a divergent House of Commons and a rogue element of back benchers in the governing Conservative Party who are trying their best to make a rogue Prime Minister (heading in a direction different from the House) accountable.

So far, the system is protecting the country’s sovereignty and it’s democracy – though there is the ever-present threat against it.

Now, I happen to know that a lot of prayerful Christians have been praying “GOD’s will be done.” So, it’s time we trust that same GOD we’ve prayed to, trust that He’s heard and is in charge, and let Him lead as He will.

Shalom, everyone, GOD’s Peace be upon our undeserving nation. Amen.

Yes, there is intrigue. Yes, there are divergent opinions and some looking to thwart the result of a democratic vote taken in 2016. Yes, those who seek to evade that result also do so in the name of democracy … “Let the people re-vote in the name of getting a different result.” But still, at every turn, there are voices of integrity as well as voices of manipulation. Yet, we have prayed.

Now let us trust that the voice of GOD – the will of GOD – will be done as we have prayed and declared.

Amen and amen.