Examining Biblical Scripture

Praise is Key to our Breakthrough

At the heart of many of the Psalms — especially from Psalm 100 to 118 — is about Praise. Praise is for the LORD GOD, Yehovah, Creator, Father, merciful and gracious.

Why Praise Matters

“I will praise You,

For you have answered me,

And have become my salvation.” (Psalm 118:21)

This is conditional praise… because Yehovah has answered, the psalmist praises Him. 

But praise itself is also an answer to life, to salvation,

“Open to me the gates of righteousness;

I will go through them,

And I will praise the LORD.

This* is the gate of the LORD, 

Through which the righteous shall enter.” (Psalm 118:19-20)

There it is! Praise is not only a result of salvation, but it is the door to it as well.

Of course we need Jesus as Intercessor and Passover Lamb

Jesus is still the Way to the Father. A sacrifice for our human sinfulness had to be made and only Jesus, the only begotten son of GOD, the only person who did not inherit the sin of Adam through man, is the way to our spiritual salvation.

But a key to the peace, joy, love, mercy and end of suffering upon and within ourselves comes from the praises we lift up to Him.

Salvation from death comes from Jesus and only from Jesus. But salvation into Shalom, GOD’s perfect peace, is through praising Him.

Hallelujah, that even before Jesus, David and other Psalmists knew the value of Praise.

When we lift our praises to Yehovah, we are set free.

* This = Praise!