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Too much Politics for a Christian?

How much politics is too much politics for a Christian?: a commentary

How much politics is too much politics in these quickly changing times?

We who follow Jesus live in the world and I have always believed it is important to be part of the solution. Telling people about Jesus is important but not all of us are evangelists. Some are political watchmen or even politicians. If we dig our heads in the sand that isn’t good. We are not called to be “of” the world, but we are in it. It has always been natural for me to take an interest: politically, socially, civically — to be aware of laws, of government decisions and social trends and morals is part of my responsibility for the time I am in this world. Knowing prepares me for prayer.


These days are hard. A yet-to-be-resolved US election on the heels of a yet-to-be-concluded Brexit in the UK puts a praying person on high alert. I’ve not even mentioned Covid.

I pose two questions:

  1. If Jesus is returning soon, do we still try to thwart socio-political trends that contradict God’s laws such as legalised abortion or transgender issues or do we accept them as an inevitable part of the devil’s deception of the nations before Jesus’ return?
  2. If we do battle (against the principalities not the people), do we engage in spiritual warfare over the US election and Brexit?

My short answer is: Yes to both. Though I confess, I am detaching myself from newscasts and much of the social media frenzy that seems to pervade the airwaves lately. I am aware its effect is anxiety, which is futile and  renders folks ineffective.

Nothing really changes, whether Jesus is coming soon or not. We don’t know when he’s coming and we must be ready. So, whatever keeps your lamps full of oil*, do that. If it’s witnessing, do that. If it’s praying, do that. If it’s wrestling in the spirit realm, do that. Our ultimate desire is GOD’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. If we think we know GOD’s will, great. If we don’t, that’s fine, because He does. All we need to do is align ourselves with Him.

Keep the oil in my lamp still burning. Keep the oil in my lamp I pray!

*Matthew 25: parable of the wise and foolish virgins with their oil lamps