Reflections and Poetry

A World Racing By

Where does time go?

In the quest for night have we missed

the day; as you reflect

simply danced the time away?

So fast —

Time is rushing passed

to sit and ponder Day and Light 

ticking along, and flicking

moments passing, blink: it’s night!

To wait and think and hope — take flight

A luxury.

The World is passing by

Time is rushing passed

I do not know 

Which way to go

Grab a breath, then on we go

On quest

Time is rushing passed

It’s time to stop and stare

time to wait and glare

Into the mirror of life 

shall we dare

to Stop?

Time: Wait!

No pace, no watch; just wait

and wait

lingering into a life of rest

meandering to

ease and nature and 

peace with time…

Time: not your master.