For Mothers

Shall we spoil our Children at Christmas?

It’s Christmastime! 

What’s THAT mean? Does it mean overabundance of food, gifts and family fun? 

Or does it mean stress and disappointment? 

Or does it mean an opportunity to teach about giving while giving?

My short message today in light of Christmas coming is that the focus can be about giving but it can also teach about giving.

There are opportunities to serve others — in food banks or soup kitchens. 

Shall we spoil or children at Christmas?

There are opportunities to show our children how much we love them, how proud and pleased we are for them, how much we want them to enjoy themselves… In a word: we want them to enjoy life! 

But I also believe the over-indulgence that is prevalent in a our society is not a good thing. 

Some people have plenty, some have little. The emphasis on the material leaves some outside, puts a huge amount of pressure on those with plenty to over-indulge.

That’s a lose/lose to my mind.

What is a win/win?

I look to achieve a balance between rest and enjoyment ie Leisure


Modelling and teaching self control.

A child who is spoiled may come to expect and even demand his desires be met. Once entitlement sets in, a child is robbed of the value and rich blessing of receiving — because they’ve become jaded… they’ve learn to think it is owed to them. 

Instead, I’d hope to model a balance between giving and restraint; refraining from excess, seems to me, to encourage an appreciation of what is given (as well as encouraging conditions for a bit of self control in this over-indulgent world in which we live). 

Do we or don’t we?

So do we spoil our children at Christmas? There’s no such thing as too much love.

So yes, let’s spoil ‘em. But let’s spoil them with love, encouragement, hugs and respect. A gift, a turkey, a sweet is great; that can be a fun part of loving. But food and gifts are not the main part. Just a part. 

That’s what I think… How about you?

Happy Christmas whatever you aim to do.

I’ll be back in the New Year — 2024!!! Oh My!!