Reflections and Poetry

LIFESTYLE: Learning to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit


I have been invited to mentor new theology students and to act as a guest lecturer at a UK University. This is something I’d love to do. But I believe I must turn it down — at least delay it for the immediate future. Why? Because as much as I’d like to support the student endeavour, I have no sense from the Holy Spirit that this is the time for me to do it.

If I ignore the prompting, I am denying the university and the candidates GOD’s perfect choice.


I am seeking to live totally surrendered to the Spirit of GOD.

In times past I would (unwittingly) contort the circumstance to fit my passion, heartfelt desire, ambition or hope. No more. My single desire is to be available to GOD and to follow only the prompting of the Holy Spirit, for only in this is there real fruit.

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faith, patience and self control. (Galatians 5:22-23)

If I am to minister, it must be by the power and presence of GOD, not in my flesh. I have tried using my talents and gifting, and there has been some “success” for others as I have ministered. But it has taken me a long time to realise that the use of talent is not the same as making talent available to GOD. I’ve jumped the gun many times, for good intent. But now I shall wait upon GOD for His timing, rather than assume because I’m able that it is GOD’s choice.

I have offered and spent my talents; so many diverse skills have I picked up along life’s journey. But I’ve come to the conclusion that since everything is to GOD’s glory, making myself available to Him is what matters and I must exercise the discipline to do this.

Lifestyle of Service

I believe we are all called to a life of service, but it is not of service to man but service to GOD. Good deeds are wonderful, but as Believers, GOD deeds are the deeds we must focus upon. Sometimes there is overlap, but sometimes not. In all things, we make GOD our focal point, for His will to be done and to His glory.

The great commandments are these:

To love the LORD our GOD with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbour as ourself. (Luke 10:27) GOD comes first, and out of our love for Him, flows a ministry to others.

The World’s Perspective

In the World, there are many goodwill organisations who seek to help those in need. Much good is done by these world organisations. Recently however, cracks of corruption and abuse have been revealed in some of these organisations.  They are flawed.

We as Believers in Jesus are not meant to “do good deeds” in the World system but rather to obey the above commandments. We need to distinguish between these two strategies. Some of us are called to work within these systems and that is right, when we are called to it. But it is important we do not place reliance on World systems nor to assume we are to place our trust in them.

Love, Honour, Obey

When we follow the Holy Spirit, we are certain to be following the path that the LORD has chosen for us, the path which He needs us to follow for His ends. It is time we lay down our lives in deed as well as in word, and surrender to the will of GOD. When we love Him, when we seek Him, when we desire to honour and obey Him, and as we wait upon Him, He will reveal to us His will. The still small voice of His Holy Spirit will prompt us in directions that may surprise. Let us wait on Him for His surprises, and see where He will lead.

Do others say with me, “Amen”?